Why does the water from your faucets leave stains on the plumbing?


The various metal and mineral deposits that are left on plumbing components after the water has dried have caused brown stains to remain. These contaminants can be introduced to your home via your water supply lines.

The deposits could be found in the local water supply or they may be leaked into the water through deteriorating pipes. The source of the contamination will determine the treatment required to remove it.

How can you determine the source(s) of contamination?

Before you can find a solution, it is important to identify the root cause. To determine the best course of action, your water supply must be tested.

Your water supply

Mineral deposits could cause water to be contaminated before it reaches the mains. It doesn’t matter if the water is supplied by a municipality or a private well.

If your water comes from a private well, a professional evaluation service should test it. The water will be tested at the facility of the local government agency, and results are available upon request.

Your plumbing supply pipes

Older galvanized steel pipes are usually the only ones that can cause water contamination. The galvanizing process does not add a rust-inhibiting layer to the pipes’ surfaces. However, the inner pipe is constantly exposed to pressurized water.

The coating is worn away and the inner surface of pipes begins to corrode. The pipes’ inner diameter will be reduced as corrosion builds up along their inner surfaces.

This causes additional pressure in the pipes which causes the accumulated corrosion break down and get into the water supply.

How can mineral deposits be removed from your local water supply?

As your water source goes underground, minerals such as calcium and magnesium are collected. In areas where these minerals are abundant, this natural process can become a problem.

Calcium and magnesium buildup can cause problems with internal plumbing systems and stain and scale exterior surfaces of toilets, sinks, and showers.

Installing a water softening device is the best way to get rid of these problematic minerals.

Water Softening Systems

These systems eliminate these minerals by replacing calcium and magnesium with sodium ions via ion exchange. As the water enters a tank, it bonds positively charged calcium and magnesium to negatively charged resin beads.

The salt water that contains positively charged sodiumions floods the tank. The sodium ions’ excessive amount overwhelms the calcium and magnesium positive charges, which are replaced on resin beads.

The system is then flushed with calcium and magnesium ions, and the saltwater tank is replenished.

How can Contamination from Deteriorating Steel Pipes be Corrected?

Water supply contamination by corrosion can only be corrected through replacement of old steel pipes. This can be done by installing supply pipes made of more resistant materials. Copper, CPVC and PEX pipes are alternatives.


Copper pipe is not only the most expensive, but it also has the longest life expectancy. Copper pipe can be used for many decades without the need to be replaced and is highly resistant to corrosion. Copper is resistant to fire and other physical traumas, which makes it more durable than cheaper options.


CPVC is a rigid, plastic pipe. It is less expensive and more labor-intensive than copper, but it is resistant to corrosion. It is more vulnerable to physical trauma and fire than copper.


PEX pipe can be described as a flexible reinforced plastic pipe. It has many of the same advantages as CPVC pipe but is easier to install. It shares many of the same vulnerabilities as CPVC pipe.

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