Why Minka Aire Ceiling Fans Are Best for Different Home Décor Styles


Minka Aire has designed a set of stylish and elegant ceiling fans for today’s homes. They have some extremely popular styles of fans with huge blades that can circulate air throughout your room. They offer a wide variety of fans for both outdoor and indoor use. These fans have unique styles to suit your lifestyle and they are also good at serving the purpose ceiling fans are meant for.

For Indoor Use

For the indoor areas, they have come up with a stylish set of “Concept” fans which are very contemporary. They are made up of brushed nickel and have three blades. These fans are available with stylish lights and have three speeds forward or reverse control to help you operate them easily. Remote control systems are available with these fans which provide great ease and comfort. They offer a higher degree of energy efficiency since they provide better air circulation while consuming less energy.

These concept fans are available in different colors like dark maple and dark walnut apart from the standard white color. The three concave blades look very stylish and enhance the grandeur of your home. These fans come with an optional downrod facility, allowing you to install them in high ceilings. The light which is in the form of halogen bulb fitted into the fan looks very stylish.

For Outdoor Use

If you plan to fix your fans outdoors, say, for instance, patio or balcony, you have a wide range of Minka Ceiling Fans to choose from. The outdoor fans are best suited for wet and damp conditions. The oil-rubbed bronze fans with three-speed mode have a superb performance and they provide a cool environment. They have two turbo blades to provide nice air flow in all areas of the patio. These fans are designed to provide high-quality performance and energy efficiency.

Large and Durable

All Minka Aire fans have sturdy and durable motors that come with a lifetime warranty. These fans are available in different sizes. You can even buy a fan of massive 99 inches blade span. This immensely big fan provides huge air circulation.

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for fans that consume less energy, Minka Aire’s fans are the best. They utilize very less energy by making use of efficient DC technology motor. The lights fitted on the fans are LED bulbs which consume less electricity.

Sleek and Light Weight

If stylish, lightweight fans are your type, then you should have a look at their “Wave” ceiling fans. Their unique design is inspired by the great waves of the ocean. This modern design is perfect for all those contemporary homes. They have also introduced a sleek set of fans with a smoked iron finish which looks very sophisticated. You can bring that tropical indoor décor into your homes with Minka’s bamboo rattan fans.

Minka Aire has over thirty styles of fans available which are uniquely crafted to suit your needs. They can typically fit into all styles of your rooms, whether traditional or contemporary. They enhance the beauty of your home apart from keeping it cool and comfortable.

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