10 Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips For Ipswich


Carpet flooring is really a popular choice among homeowners. It is simple but elegant and can match any theme or color scheme of any home. It is also relatively more affordable than other flooring options.

However, it requires regular maintenance. In particular, it needs to be cleaned regularly. A clean carpet does not only serve an aesthetic purpose; it is also necessary for a homeowner’s health as unmaintained carpeting can collect dust and grim which could cause health problems. Cleaning carpets regularly can also prolong its life.

The best way, of course, when you’re looking at carpet cleaning Ipswich is to hire a professional. But nonetheless, here are some expert tips that can help you clean your carpet thoroughly.

Use ‘welcome’ mats

The best way to clean a carpet is by preventing it from getting tons of dirt to begin with. Use walk-off or welcome mats in order to keep off the dirt from the carpet, especially in areas that have a lot of dirt (like the yard or the garden).

Regular vacuuming

The best way to keep a carpet clean is to vacuum it regularly. This way, the dirt, and dust won’t be trapped in the carpet’s fibers. When dirt is not removed immediately, it can stain the carpet permanently, making it look unkempt and dingy.

Clean spills — immediately!

Floors are very susceptible to spills. Make sure to clean spills as soon as possible. Use a dry towel to blot the wet area; do not rub as it can further spread the mess to an even larger area.
Water first. Before using detergent or any cleaning solution, see if you can remove the dirt or stain with plain cloth and water. Damp the cloth and press it to the stain until it is absorbed and removed.

Never rub harshly

When cleaning the carpet, do not rub it as it could damage the carpet permanently. If blotting isn’t possible, cover the dirty area with an absorbent cloth and leave it overnight.


Ten minutes before a general flooring cleaning, mist the carpet with a mixture of hot water and detergent.

Use mild cleaning solutions

When cleaning the carpet overall, use gently cleaning solutions like a non-chlorine bleach or lemon juice with water. Brush the carpet gently to prevent damage.

Do not overwet

Whatever method you will use to clean your carpet, make sure you “overwet” it as it can be difficult to dry it off without the proper equipment. Leaving the carpet wet for too long can promote dirt buildup.

Dry thoroughly

Do not walk or place furniture on the carpet until it is dry as it could damage it.

Hire professionals

The best option, of course, is to avail of professional carpet cleaning Ipswich services especially when you plan to clean your entire home’s carpet flooring. Do-it-yourself processes can work, but professionals are more equipped to clean the carpet more thoroughly and properly. Improper do-it-yourself cleaning can just damage your carpet; thus hiring a professional can save you time and money.

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