How to Keep Your Drains in Your Home Running Well


You always seem to get a clogged drain at the worse time, such as just before you have relatives coming to stay for the holidays. But the plumbers at Drain Cleaning Monmouth County, NJ have tips to keep your drains from clogging up.


If you have a sewer line that keeps getting clogged, don’t keep getting it cleaned. A repeated issue like this could be caused by the roots of a tree entering through joints, a part of a pipe that has warped or in some cases, rotted-out cast iron that has let the soil fall into the line and cause a blockage. It is worth it to find out the real cause and get it fixed for good rather than having to hassle with repeated sewer backups as well as sewer-cleaning bills.

Tips for washing machine drain

If your washing machine has not ever clogged up, it is only a matter of time until it will. Lint, tissue, fabric, and those missing socks can get through your washer’s draining hose and will eventually cause this drain to clog.

Install lint trap

To ensure this doesn’t happen and to keep items from plugging up the drain, install a lint trap at the end of the draining hose. Mesh lip traps for washers can be found at home centers or hardware stores.

Let bacteria do the work

It doesn’t matter if the clog is caused by grease, food, or hair; some type of organic matter causes most drains to clog up. There is a type of bacteria that breaks down any organic matter in your drains. Add bacteria to your drains, and it will eat organic matter while also helping to stop clogs. This type of bacterial drain cleaner is non-corrosive, so it causes no harm to the pipes and is available at hardware stores or home centers.

These suggestions should keep your drains all running well.

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