12 Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Home For The Holidays


The holidays are creeping in. You’ve been holding off unpacking decorations and ordering customized Christmas ornaments, but now’s the time to get them ready. Decorating your home is one of the best things to do to get a new feel in the place you’re around when you’re relaxing.

The easiest way to prevent your home from looking too cluttered during the holidays is by knowing the common mistakes. We’ve listed 12 common mistakes that are avoidable as long as you are aware of them. This way, you’ll be able to take the correct approach as you prepare your home for festivities.

1. You overdo the decorations

Decorations are great as long as they’re kept to a level where they’re not covering your entire home. A few modifications here and there won’t hurt. Just make sure you don’t put a Christmas ornament in every corner of your home.

2. You are too subtle with decor

To reinforce the first entry to this list, you can also be too subtle with your decorations.

3. You focus too much with the interior

Give your porch and backyard some love too. Let passers-by see that you’re ready for the holidays, not just your visitors.

4. You use too much traditional colors

While the combination of red and green does convey those festive feelings during Christmas, you should never limit yourself to those two colors.

5. You don’t consider child and pet hazards

Easily reachable decorations can be hazardous for your children and pets. It’s important to consider them when you’re buying your customized Christmas ornaments.

6. You use powerful scents

The scents we smell during the holidays have been romanticized and put in bottles. Using these scents too much can be detrimental to your festive designs.

7. You don’t cover wires

Tripping is more prevalent during the holidays when there are lots of wires on the floor. If you know there’s going to be heavy foot traffic in an area, you prioritize going trip-free.

8. You didn’t measure your home beforehand

There’s a reason why customized Christmas ornaments come in different shapes and sizes. You have to adjust to the scale of your own home.

9. You focus on the tree

While the Christmas tree is the centerpiece for most designs, this shouldn’t always be the approach. You’re decorating for your home, not for the tree.

10. You don’t swap your family photos

The photos hanging around your home should be switched to something else that will fit better with the holidays. If you don’t have any that will fit the theme, try updating the frames.

11. You throw away the boxes

Whenever you decorate your home, you should always keep in mind that you’re going to have to take those decors down. Keep the boxes and other containers for future use.

12. You keep going for the stock look

There are different options for customized Christmas ornaments that you can go for. Instead of buying generic-looking ornaments, make sure you get ones that will fit your taste and your home.

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