3 Renovations to Turn your Basement into a Nice Place


To turn your basement into a pleasant place, first, you have to clean it, order it and recondition it. Then, you can use it to be a games room, a wine cellar or a gym.

Believe it or not, turning your basement into a nice, cozy place that can be used more than to store things you don’t use is possible.

In the following article, we will tell you about fabulous basement renovations & finishing in Newmarket that can be done in this space of the house that is usually very badly used.

Turn your Basement into a Nice Place: Steps

We are a little scared to go down to the basement after watching so many horror movies, or even because we are stressed only by having to look for something between boxes, furniture and junk.

Why is it that we do not give it the prominence it deserves and we use it to throw everything that upsets us or occupies space at the top of the home? Perhaps, because it is a somewhat dreary, dark and humid place, or because you have to use stairs to access it.

Once the basement is empty (or less crowded than before) it is time to analyze the state of the environment. Moisture and seepage problems are the order of the day, because it is below ground level and is more prone to water flow.

You should also check the roofs, pipes and light and gas connections (if it has the latter). When the environment is properly conditioned, painting a light color is essential to reduce the sensation of confinement or typical isolation due to the lack of natural light.

Now, you are in a position to turn your basement into a beautiful, pleasant place that you love to visit. And where you can spend much more time than before!

Ideas to Convert your Basement

Are you missing an additional room for guests or for your teenager? Would you like to build your own gym or game room? Use to take the guide regarding basement renovations & finishing in Newmarket from “BasementBro”! Pay attention to the following ideas to make it a nice and beautiful place.

1. Wine Cellar

If you are a lover of good wines, surely you want to have the bottles in the conditions they deserve. In addition to putting wine bars in your kitchen, you can turn your basement into a cellar with all the letters.

We recommend that you form wooden shelves to place the bottles vertically and decorate using imitation stone for the walls and wood for the ceilings and floors. You can even build a bar or set a table with chairs to taste the wines right there. Don’t forget a cup holder!

2. Movie Theater

If in your family you are moviegoers and you love to organize movie marathons on weekends, there is no better idea than to turn your basement into a movie theater.

We recommend that you place a good acoustic coating for the walls and ceiling. This way you will ensure the cinema effect you are looking for.

You can also install a surround audio system throughout the room and, of course, you cannot miss the comfortable seats in front of the big screen. Place a popcorn machine and voila, fun guaranteed.

3. Gym

You know you should train but you don’t like to leave home a lot. Buy a pair of machines, dumbbells, a tape or a stationary bike. You can even hang up a television to watch your favorite shows while you train.

We advise you that in this case the floors are of some resistant material to support the weight of the machines and at the same time they do not make you slip with the movement.

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