3 Signs You Might Need an Emergency Repair Contractor


After setbacks and delays, you are finally a homeowner. You are probably focused on decorating your home and having your housewarming party. However; homeownership comes with responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities includes recognizing signs that you might need an emergency repair contractor.

Gas Leaks

According to the American Gas Association (AGA), 177 million Americans use natural gas in their homes. You can use natural gas for heating systems, water heaters, fireplaces, and kitchen appliances.  Gas leaks can lead to an explosion or suffocation so know what to do when you have a gas leak. Since natural gas is odorless, the gas companies add a chemical to it to give it a unique smell.

One way to suspect a gas leak is if you detect what smells like rotten eggs or sulfur in your home. Other signs include: whistling from one of your natural gas appliances;  water bubbling or soil movement in your yard; an exposed gas pipeline after a natural disaster; dead grass or other vegetation above the natural pipeline; or damaged fuel lines leading to one of your gas appliances.

If you suspect a gas leak:

  • Do not use your phone, flip a light switch, unplug electrical devices, or do anything that could cause a spark.
  • Put out anything that’s burning – the stove, fireplace, candles, or matches.
  • Open your windows and doors.
  • Evacuate everyone from your house.
  • Call 911 and your gas provider.

HVAC Emergency

You can expect to hear activity or see some moisture from your HVAC unit; however, the following are some HVAC activities you should not ignore.

  • Weak airflow. If you notice some rooms are hotter than usual, check your airflow. If it is weaker than usual, your unit is failing. Call your emergency company right away. Extreme heat can pose a health risk for the elderly, people with chronic conditions and babies.
  • Wrong temperature.  An AC unit blowing hot air indicates a serious issue. It may have a blockage somewhere or worse, it may be failing. Do not attempt to adjust the thermostat outside of the normal range. Turn off your unit and call your HVAC professional right away.
  • Funny smells. Are you noticing a strange smell from your system? Does it smell like a dead animal? If so, it is possible a critter found itself in your ductwork. If you detect a musty odor, check your filter. If your filter is clean and the smell persists, you may have a more pressing issue. Call your HVAC company immediately.

Water Pipe Burst

Your water pipes can burst when the temperature dips below freezing. When water freezes, it expands. Unfortunately, your pipe can burst under this pressure. The fallout includes pipe and water damage repair.  Should you have a pipe burst, act quickly to minimize damage.

  • Shut off your water immediately.
  • Cut off electricity for the affected areas of your home.
  • Call the plumber.
  • Start removing water.

Prevention is a homeowner’s first line of defense. You will inevitably face emergency situations. Learn how to detect emergencies and react to them appropriately so you can minimize your damage and keep your family safe.

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