What contributes to your packaging cost?


Carton boxes and rigid boxes are really useful to help to contain and protect things. They are often bought in bulk through a manufacturer or supplier. However, many do not understand the different factors contributing to the cost of your carton or rigid box. Therefore, in this article, we will seek to address the different factors that are contributing to one’s overall packaging expense.

Rigid boxes are most of the time more expensive than folding carton boxes. Rigid boxes are mostly used for high-end products. If you are unsure about the two, we advise you do own research to understand more about their functionality.

Shipping Costs

Because the size of the rigid box has already been fixed, it would take up much more space compared to a folding box which has more flexibility. Because it takes up more space, it is definitely more expensive to ship a rigid box in bulk compared to a folded carton box. However, if you are able to find a manufacturer or supplier locally, then you would not need to take into account this cost. It would be helpful if you engage a customized box supplier that is able to cater to your requests and do up a more cost-effective quotation for you. In essence, the shipping cost is likely to be higher for a rigid box than a folded carton box.

Assembly Cost

Because a folded box most likely would need to be assembled, that would mean that you might need more labor to get this task done. Rigid boxes are already assembled, thus you would not need to cater for extra labor cost to get the boxes all set up.

Manufacturing Cost

The last big factor that will contribute to your overall cost is manufacturing. Some companies have access to various technologies that will help them to deliver results more efficiently and quickly. This means that because of the added value that you might receive, that would demand a greater price. Some companies are also able to function cost-effectively and might have access to inexpensive labor. With this sort of specializing, they might be able to lower down their costing and offer you a more cost-effective price.

All in all, one has to decide on which box to go for. Not only does one have to take into account cost, but also their brand positioning. The packaging is an important part of marketing and rigid boxes are often more durable and are great for having customized designs and prints.

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