3 Small to Large Remodeling Projects for Enthusiastic DIYers


When it comes to remodeling and DIY, you only get better through the process of trial and error. Mostly the error part if we’re honest. But it’s how we learn and get better with smaller projects. By beginning small and intentionally hiring out for the larger tasks, it allows you to build up confidence and skills at the same pace. Sometimes, this means beginning with a clean-up and a couple of small fixes to get you rolling. Then you can get stuck into the larger remodeling projects that would have been too daunting if you started with them first.  It’s a “walk before you can run” type of deal!

Here are three remodeling projects that will please enthusiastic DIYers who want to become experts.

Deal with an Unsightly Garage

An unsightly garage that has been used more as a workshop or a storage area and less as a vehicle garage will become a problem. The lack of organization and haphazard use of the space won’t bode well for the future. It’s also possible to stack items that eventually fall to the ground and break, including sometimes damaging the garage door if a heavy item was stored too near to it.

Tidy up the garage, create a storage system for everything, and get anything left off the floor. This avoids someone potentially tripping up on something; you don’t want that responsibility. Replace the garage door when it’s past its useful life. Also, add a new garage opening mechanism that’s easier to control from the car; there are better systems available now. Then your garage remodel is complete.

Window Repair or Replacement

Window frames can become weathered and damaged with enough time. Nothing lasts forever and windows are no different. Even the brickwork around the frame can become less sure on older homes. Repairing the window frame or replacing a window with a small crack in the corner is not something to attempt yourself.  While draft-proofing the window if it’s letting in a slight breeze is possible to do, an outright replacement of window frames and glass panes is not. To see what’s possible with a window repair and replacement, take a look at Principles Building & Remodeling. Assess how bad the situation is and get advice on how best to proceed.

Partial or Full Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms that are showing signs of age can benefit from a refresh. This may include replacing the vanity, adding a larger mirror, or fixing up the bathroom tiles. Changing a few fixtures and cleaning the tiles including the caulking to make it shine like new can be enough for a bathroom refresh without breaking the bank.

For older bathrooms, a complete remodeling project may be in order. This is very much not a “long weekend and done” situation. Having more than one bathroom is best because you’ll lose the use of one while the remodel is ongoing.

While you may feel capable of performing some of the work, know if the plumbing is going to be too much and call in the experts. The last thing you need is lingering moisture damage to appear later as a result of a water leak.

While fixing up the garage may seem small, excellence in DIY involves being detail-oriented. When your garage and any tools stored inside aren’t well taken care of, it speaks volumes. From there, it gets easier to deal with larger projects that require both discipline and focus to get them right.

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