3 Systems to Regularly Maintenance in Your Factory


If you run a factory, you work hard to ensure that your employees have the materials they need to complete your clients’ orders in a timely manner. Few things damage a working relationship worse than perpetually late orders, so you should focus on efficiency. However, sometimes your machines break down and you have to delay orders until they are fixed. While you can’t speed up repairs, you can avoid this situation by performing regular maintenance on the following systems.


Filters are easy to forget about, but they play a crucial role in keeping your machines operational. They remove particulates from the air before it enters a machine so that your pipes do not get damaged by the build-up. Air sentry breathers North Carolina perform the same function for machines that use fluids. If your machines do not alert you when their filters need to be changed, keep a record of every filter change and the date of the next one. Set reminders on your phone so that you do not delay this critical step.

Emergency Supplies

Most factories work with many hazardous materials, and it’s easy for emergencies to develop. If you have emergency supplies in good condition, you can contain these emergencies before they cause extensive damage to your property. Regularly check your chemical containment kits and fire extinguishers and make sure they are full and unexpired. Replace the batteries in your fire detector every six months and test it according to the manufacturer’s instructions at the same time. Test your sprinkler system as well, but do so when your employees aren’t in the building so they don’t get soaked.


Every piece of equipment has a different maintenance schedule, so it’s easy to get confused about when services need to be performed. You need to take some steps every day or even multiple times a shift, while others take place only once a year. Never discard the manufacturer’s instructions and perform the suggested maintenance using their schedule. Not only does this manual provide an easy timetable to follow, but it also ensures that you do not violate the terms of your warranty.

After all your hard work to streamline your production, you don’t want to fall behind because of avoidable breakdowns and accidents. By regularly checking your filtration systems, emergency supplies, and manufacturing equipment, you decrease your chances of delays and save money on repairs and new equipment.

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