3 Ways Not Using a Long Beach Architect Can Negatively Affect Your Remodel


When building a new custom home in Long Beach, most people understand their need for a Long Beach architect. With new builds, you are starting from scratch and likely building your “forever home.” You want to get it right. In addition, there are energy efficiency and building code requirements for new builds that you have to adhere to. These can be complex and downright confusing for those who don’t deal with these things on a regular basis.

However, when it comes to home remodels, some Long Beach homeowners choose to forgo the use of an architect. They choose instead to simply work with their general contractor on the details of the remodel and allow the contractor to draw up the plans and handle the permitting process. Here are three reasons why this might not be a good idea.

Your Addition Could End Up Looking Out of Place

We’ve all seen a remodel that looked like an obvious “add on” and not in a good way! It stuck out like a sore thumb or just made you ask, “What were they thinking?” Most likely, these projects were completed without the help of an architect.

When you undergo a home remodeling project—however small—you want the new portion of your home to blend in seamlessly with the existing home. A good architect will take things into consideration like the home’s architectural style, roofline, flow, and more, and give you a finished product that will look and feel like it was meant to be part of the home.

You Might Not Make the Best Use of Your Space

Even if you are undertaking a remodeling project that you perceive to be simple, like adding on an additional bedroom to the back of your home, there are details you may not even think to consider. For example, the placement of the windows could be very important, particularly if you want to capture a prevailing breeze or avoid morning or afternoon sun shining directly into the room. Ceiling height is another important element people fail to consider.

Mark Grisafe, an owner of M. Grisafe Architects in Long Beach, had this to say on the subject, “Some people mistakenly think, ‘If I just had more space in my home, everything would be better.’ While additional space can solve some problems in an inefficient home, more improperly allocated space doesn’t do the home (or the homeowner) any favors. At our architecture firm, we begin by thinking about what will enhance a space’s use, as opposed to focusing on what is missing from it. We talk to our clients about how they imagine themselves using space and use that as a starting point for our design.”

It’s an architect’s job to thoughtfully consider all aspects of your home remodeling project, not just give you more space.

You Won’t Get the Benefit of Their Perspective on Local General Contractors

In the world of general contractors, some are worth every penny they charge and some are simply crooks. You probably know at least one person who has worked with an unscrupulous general contractor who made lots of promises in the beginning and then either didn’t live up to them or even worse, took the money and ran.

When you start your remodeling project with a Long Beach architect, he or she can recommend a talented, reputable contractor who will provide you with great service and the outcome you hope for. Architects tend to have a good lead on who the best general contractors in their area are, and will be able to point you to a good one. In addition, when a general contractor knows he or she was referred to a homeowner by an architect, they have an extra incentive to do the job right, since they know that more referrals could come their way if they do.

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