4 Bedroom Organization Tips


For many people, the bedroom is often a sanctuary that can be retreated to in order to relax or decompress. Having a messy or overcrowded bedroom can disturb the serenity. There are ways to organize a messy room to create the desired haven.

1. Jewelry Trays

An area that can be prone to mess is junk drawers and jewelry boxes. It is easy to put jewelry in hastily and close the drawer or lid. Out of sight is out of mind, so they may not get cleaned out as often as needed. Use a personalized jewelry tray to keep items from tangling together, scratching each other or breaking.

2. Shoe Rack

The bottom of the closet can become a mass of mismatched shoes two or three pairs deep. Get rid of any pairs that are not likely to be worn again and figure out how much storage is needed for the remaining shoes. A shoe rack or a shoe tree can keep them organized and stored safely out of the way. Storage cubbies serve the same purpose, with the added bonus of being a useful place to keep bags and purses as well.

3. Hang Outfits

This is not only a great tip for organizing a closet, but it also saves a ton of time in the morning, too. Instead of hanging up clothing divided into pants, shirts, and dresses, hang an entire outfit on one hanger. Divide the outfits up into sections so that all the work, fitness, and home clothes are separated. No more wasting time in the morning trying to figure out what the wear, it’s already been decided. When it is time to get dressed, go to the proper section, and grab a complete outfit in one swipe.

4. Under Bed Storage

Most people do not use everything they own every single day. Seasonal clothing can be stored until needed in an under the bed storage system. If there is room, seasonal hobby equipment can be stored there as well. Then, when the weather is correct, clothing and activities can be unpacked at the same time.

Be creative when looking for solutions to improve the bedroom space. If it feels small and cramped, painting it with light colors can make the room feel bigger than if it is painted in dark tones. Set time aside every week to clean and organize so that things do not pile up and become overwhelming.

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