5 Best Roofing Materials for Cold Climate [Infographic]


Winter is coming to New Jersey, and everyone must prepare to face this season not only with shovels, snowblowers, and warm clothes but also with the right roof for the season. Our roofs protect our homes’ interior from the harsh elements, and having the best roofing material installed by a Brick NJ roofer to withstand even the winter is paramount to your home’s survival.

The snow can form ice dams, clog the gutters, and become sharp-pointed icicles that can become a hazard for homeowners when they fall off. Homeowners should consider getting one of the five roofing materials that are ideal for the cold season, which includes the metal roofing, cement tiles, asphalt roofing, slate tiles, and solar panels.

Metal roofs are durable and lightweight that allows for the installation of additional accessories that would keep the snow from forming dams and becoming icicles. The accessories people can install are heating cables and snow guards, which ensures that the chunks of snow on the roof will fall in smaller pieces. Metal roofs can also help bring down your energy bill by keeping your home warmer during the winter.

Cement tiles are one of the most popular roofing materials when it comes to withstanding strong winds and heavy snow. Homeowners would only be able to benefit from the durable cement tiles if their homes can support them since a single tile can weigh as much as three asphalt shingles.

Some homes may not be able to support cement tiles, prompting homeowners to shift to an alternative roofing material that can reasonably compete when it comes to withstanding the winter. Asphalt shingles are lighter than cement while being able to protect homes from water penetration.

The other two types of roofing that are perfect for the winter are the slate tiles and solar panels, which have their own purposes that make living through the winter more manageable, but people will need the services of a professional Brick roofer for the task. For more information regarding the mentioned roofing materials, see this infographic by All County Exteriors.

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