Four effective, but easy ways to get gardening supplies without spending money


It is entirely fun to buy the latest tools for your garden; however, there are some instances that your green thumbs can be better than spending away money. There are many ways that you can save money by getting cheaper or even free gardening supplies.

To help you out, just discover four ways that can surely satisfy your needs that will help you expand your garden by spending little money courtesy of one of the best wholesale garden supplies companies because the materials, resources and other gardening stuff can be found anywhere that will surely surprise you.

1. Try planting seeds –

A lot of experienced gardeners are always a generous bunch, and a lot of people love to share their plants and seed materials for free with other gardeners like you, especially those who are just new to this fun craft. There are many ways that you can get interested in planting or swapping seeds for free for your gardening. You can check out your local botanical garden that often hosts annual plant swaps or join a group online so that you can be connected with other people that are interested in gardening.

2. Make your own compost –

A lot of homeowners have not yet discovered the benefits of making their own compost. A lot of wastes that you accumulate in your home including food waste, biodegradable materials, and even dried leaves or grass cuttings can be deposited to your compost pit which will eventually decompose and turn into natural fertilizer. All you need is just a shovel and some buckets and a place where you can install your own compost pit instead of purchasing artificial fertilizer.

3. Make a mulch pile in front of your garage –

Have you ever noticed that your utility truck that lifts a worker that cuts down branches that are near the power line? All of those trimmings are then chipped and these chippings are usually dumped without any use at landfills. Instead, ask the utility worker to dump the fillings on your driveway or in front of your garage where you can use as mulch for your flowerbeds.

4. Try salvaging unused pots in the neighborhood –

It would be totally impossible for you to not to find any pots out there that are left outside homes in your neighborhood that is completely useless for them. Instead, you can ask your neighbor to use it for your gardening. You can save a lot of money instead of buying brand new pots that cost usually three to five dollars depending on the material. There are a lot of pots that you can use such as terracotta, plastic or even plastic bottles that are large enough to be converted into gardening pots.

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