5 Construction Tools You Need to Have on Every Job Site


If you’re a general contractor, you need to have the right tools so you can handle whatever comes your way. Construction is a very hands-on industry, so you should have what you need to get the job done. You’ll also need to use plenty of high-tech equipment that can make your job easier while keeping your clients happy. Whether you’re installing a new roof or renovating a living room, every step of the process needs to be performed with skill and precision. The last thing you want is to see something go wrong because the work wasn’t done properly.

Here are some construction tools you need to have on every job site.

#1: Hammer and Nails

No construction job can be completed without a hammer and some nails. Whether you’re putting them in or taking them out, you’re going to need these tools on every job site. And before you get there, make sure you have a few different types of nails. You never know what you’re going to need, so save yourself the frustration by having several different kinds. And don’t forget about the different types of hammers you may need. If you’re knocking down walls, you’ll need sledgehammer. But if you need to pound a surface without causing any more damage, you’ll need a rubber mallet.

#2: Power Drill

If you’re doing a job that needs more than just a few nails, you’ll need to have a power drill. Nails aren’t good for some materials (such as brick or sheet metal), so you’ll have to use this tool at some point. Most builders use two types of power drills — one with a power chord and one that’s battery-operated. You might prefer a battery-operated power drill, because it will be easier to move around. And in most cases, you would be right. However, the battery won’t last forever. And you don’t want to wait for it to charge. So, you’ll need to have the other option available. You’ll also need to have a drill bit that can go through whatever material you’re working with, which come in all shapes and sizes.

#3: Screwdriver

Construction workers will use a screwdriver to lift weights and to fasten two objects together. You can lift a board by using this tool with the right amount of force, but you can also use screws to put two materials together. Some people prefer to use screws instead of nails because they’re usually a little stronger, and there are two basic types: flat head and Phillips head. Flathead screwdrivers look like chisels, while a Phillips head looks like a “plus sign.” These types of screws are stronger than flat heads, which is why many people prefer to use them.

#4: Saw

No matter what type of construction job you’re working on, there’s no way all your materials will be cut to the exact length you need. To prepare for this, you should have a saw so you can cut through wood or any other material that needs to be adjusted. Construction workers will use a few different types. Power saws can cut through materials quickly, but you’ll also see jigsaws and table saws that can come in handy in certain situations.

#5: Level and Tape Measure

To make sure you get the right cut every single time, you’ll need to have a level and tape measure. Levels are used to determine if a surface is in line with a straight horizontal or vertical plane. Most construction workers have a bubble or spirit level, which has a small vial filled with colored liquid. If there’s an air bubble in the liquid, it’s straight. And if it sits between the two markings, the surface is level. Tape measures are important tools that every construction worker needs, so you’ll need to have one in your toolbox at all times. And it wouldn’t hurt to have tape measures with both imperial and metric measurements, because you never know which one you’ll need.

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