5 Easy Ways to Bless a Home Spiritually


House may have four walls and a ceiling, but the home is one that is irrigated by the feelings of love, togetherness and healing properties. It is the presence of healing elements in the house that explains why we feel relaxed on reaching home. So, how to achieve a home that is blessed with the best feelings? Let’s find out.

1. Keep the house clean and de-cluttered

The most basic of all ways to make the house a positive place is keeping the house clean. The de-cluttered space attracts positive vibes and induces happy feelings. A well-organized interior calms the mind too and increases concentration. Thus, this is one of the essential things to do to keep the home blessed.

2. Use aromatic candles

There are certain candles having aromatherapeutic properties. These candles spread aroma that fills senses with positive thoughts. Pink candles are believed to be effective in concentrating positive feelings in the space.

3. Place rose quartz at some visible place

Rose quartz is a gemstone known for inducing feelings of self-love and happiness. Filling home with beautiful feelings of love and positivity is important for happiness and prosperity in the house. This can be made possible with rose quartz. Light a rose quartz lamp in a bedroom and you can see the change in your married life.

4. Keep home blessing signs at the entrance

All religions have some or the other blessing catchers. Someplace idols of God, others have certain instruments like Hamsa home blessing which has words of prosperity written in Jewish and English. Hanging bells is also quite common for ringing the house with good luck.

5. Keep all east-facing doors and windows open

East is where the sun rises. So, it is believed that the air of positivity flows from that direction. Keeping the doors and windows facing this direction is a good option for filling the house with a positive feel.

So, when you move to a new house or renovate the existing one, it is important to pay attention to these points. These certainly work!

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