5 Reasons Why Window Washing Is a Job For Professionals


Cleaning a window seems like an easy job, right? It’s not rocket science, that’s for sure, but it is still a job that requires knowledge, skills, and experience.

Back in the day, people used to clean the windows on their own. There still weren’t cleaning solutions that can be bought in the market, so vinegar and soap were used. They did the job, but today, times have changed. People have no time to do these kinds of things around the house. It’s normal, we all go to work at least 5 days a week and we’re exhausted at the end of it.

That’s why cleaning companies were invented. Window cleaning companies are among the most wanted companies for house services. Windows are hard for cleaning and we need professionals for this. Even though we can do it on our own, it’s still better hiring. In this article, we’ll see why it’s better to call professional window washers, then doing this on our own.

They work fast and clean

If you decide to wash the windows on your own, you need a lot of water, cleaning solutions, and paper towels. You’ll create a real mess around the place. If you still want to do it on your own, learn more about from this article.

Hiring professionals will be a kind of an in and out thing. If you own a regular house or a building apartment, they will need not more than a working day to do the whole job. You can just go for a walk in the park or see a movie and when you get back home, you’ll notice the windows are sparkling and there’s no trace of anyone has even been there.

Leave no marks

When we wash the windows, stains and marks are inevitable. It’s normal, we can’t do a perfect job. We’ll miss a spot here and there and some stains are simply impossible to be cleaned. At least we think it’s impossible.

Professionals are experienced enough to know how to handle all problems. Your windows will surely become clean as new. No stains, marks, or anything on them will be left after they are gone. They have special tools and cleaning solutions for all kinds of different problems, so be sure that there are no stains that can’t be removed.

Keep you updated on possible window damages

Washers deal with different windows every day. They know everything about them. If they notice a problem or something that might turn in to a problem later, they’ll inform you. Here’s a link about window fixing and changing: https://www.thespruce.com/windows-replaced-rather-than-repaired-1822905

At the beginning of forming a problem with your windows, such as cracks in the frame or scratched glass that might become worse later, washers can see it and inform you about it. It is important to change the windows in time. Good window frames and glass means the best insulation. This, on the other hand, means saving money and having a better home in every aspect.

Notice insects building homes in and around the windows

In some parts of the world, insects love building their homes inside the window frames or between the glass if it’s multi glass window. They are often not visible with the naked eye. Not until a professional that has seen such examples notice them, you will not know that insects are about to invade your home.

Ladybugs love to make their nest in the window channels and this might not be scary as ladybugs are cute. When bees, wasps, and even hornets make their nest behind the window shutters, then you have a serious problem.

Save time and money

Cleaning solutions and tools for cleaning windows don’t cost much, but it is still something you need to have if you want to clean the windows by yourself. Time is also something that you should consider an investment. People today have no time for their own personal pleasures, and window washing is somewhere at the bottom of their priorities.

If you do the math, you’ll realize that you’ll spend just a little less by cleaning the windows by yourself than paying a professional cleaning company. When you add the time you have to spend on this, the energy, and the final result, you’ll understand that hiring a professional window cleaning agency is much smarter.

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