5 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen After a Pest Control Treatment


So you had a pest control treatment in your home. Now what?

Who knows, the bugs that might have been infesting your home may be carrying harmful diseases. And it could easily be transferred to your family.

Aside from that, the pest control professional might have applied harmful chemicals in your home! Although pest control companies like Conquest Pest Control offer alternatives to chemicals such as heat treatments for insects, this is not always the case.

Luckily, there are ways how to keep your house clean while maintaining the integrity of the treatment.

1. Dispose of waste regularly

One of that most significant challenges of pest-infestation is that they can go out of hand if not properly treated.

That’s why it’s essential that you dispose of your kitchen waste daily. That way, your place is kept clean regularly, and no pests will infest your home.

You also need to adopt a cleaning routine. Some tasks have to be done after the day ends like dumping waste, keeping the stove spotless, wiping the floor, etc.

You may also sort your garbage so you’ll know which ones can be turned into compost, recycled, or dispose of. According to Misty Witenberg, “With the proper disposal methods, you can reduce your garbage impact while effectively removing it from your life.”

Remember that your kitchen is the heart of your home. So you need to keep it clean at all time to ensure that everyone will be disease-free.

2. Keep your kitchen dry

Pests can easily penetrate your home. All they need are just tiny cracks to crawl through so that they can invade your entire space.

Do you know that some rodents like mice can enter a hole that has the size of the pencil? It’s true: Rats only need a hole that has the size of a quarter.

That makes your home easily dirty. Moreover, the droppings and bacteria that they leave behind certainly don’t help.

Aside from that, dying insects tend to run on water. When mixed with other liquids, it generates a greasy compound that invites more pests and discolors your cabinets permanently.

So, it’s crucial to keep this part of your home dry, especially the basin. Every time you use the water, make sure that you wipe it dry after.

3. Keep food in airtight containers

After cleaning your kitchen thoroughly, it’s essential that you maintain kitchen hygiene.

It’s the place where you cook all your food regularly. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a guesthouse for cockroaches, ants, lizards, and other pests.

Make sure that your food is locked on airtight containers. Also, avoid eating food on other parts of your home except for the kitchen and dining area.

That way, you can avoid sprinkling food particles around which becomes a living resource for these insects.

4. Clean the kitchen cabinets

The cabinets in the kitchen make it easier to organize your pantry, allowing you to complete errands and tasks efficiently.

In the same way, cleaning your kitchen cabinets is just as crucial‒whether it’s dusting them off regularly or wiping off stains and splatter every so often.

Doing so helps maintain the beauty of your kitchen and keeping it pest-free in the long run.

5. Go for monthly kitchen deep cleaning

There are times that no matter how much you try to keep your kitchen clean, your hectic schedule makes it impossible to do a deep clean. Though you make an effort to clean thoroughly every weekend, sometimes, all the effort leaves you tired and drained.

So, if you’re short of time (and energy) due to your job and other responsibilities in your home, home deep cleaning services are an attractive option.

Cleaning professionals will do the job for you, making your home spotlessly clean in no time. These experts will make sure that your space will be cleaned without any worries or problems.

Moreover, professional cleaners have specialized cleaning fluids and the necessary equipment to ensure everything is clean from top to bottom. Everything from remote locations like the inner portions of your kitchen exhaust pipes to the spaces underneath your kitchen drawers will get focused on the treatment.

Over to You

Remember that pests, being unwanted intruders, have already survived the worst. So if you still see them after the pest control treatment, you can spray some of the chemicals left by the pest-control company. That will ensure that this part of your home remains pest-free.

According to NY maids, “As a homeowner, the best way to get optimal results from those treatments is to clean your home regularly. It includes the maintenance that has to be done.”

Remember that pests can come into your home unannounced, whether it’s immaculately clean or not. Most of them have no preference, as well.

So, it’s necessary that you take these added measures, to make your place sparklingly clean and disease-free.

Trying out these simple yet highly efficient methods will ensure that you have a clean and pest-free kitchen that you can be proud of!

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