8 Tips To Clean Up Your Garage


Is your garage, basement, or attic a disaster? Are there piles of tangled rope, cable wires, and tools littering the counters or floor space?

If there’s a messy hobby you enjoy doing, such as painting or building furniture, your garage should be a place you go to relax and create what you love. Having a tool on the floor or lying on a counter is not organized and makes for an easy mess quickly and continuously. There’s no reason to leave a garage in a state of constant chaos. But when you find a home for everything in your garage, you will discover that you have more space to start the handy building projects you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t find the area to do it in.

The answer to the solution of a messy garage has to do with a simple invention, known in the computer tech and hardware industry as Velcro cable ties.

Hang Tools & Gear With Industrial Cable Ties

For most homeowners, the garage is the room that can be most embarrassing to show off to houseguests. We tend to store so much in the garage that having a clean, organized utility room can mean a world of difference to maintain a harmonious and peaceful dwelling.

Go to the local hardware or office supply store and try out a few of these simple ideas to organize your garage using different types of industrial strength VELCRO® manufactured cord wraps and wire hangers:

1. Hang wrapped cords on a metal hook or rack on the wall or ceiling with a grommet cable fastener.

2. Clip a bike, ladder, garden hose, kayak, etc., up using a few cable wraps with a carabiner or swivel hook attachment.

3. Screw mountable cable catchers on a pegboard and display all your hand tools on the wall and off the counter.

4. Before storing holiday string lights, bundle them nicely and use a cable wrap with elastic or buckle attachment fastened to the lights.

5. Label wires and gear for quick retrieval and for children and family members who may need help remembering which cable to use for the appropriate equipment.

6. Clean up your garage’s junk drawers by bundling small items and electronics such as earbuds, plug-in hand-tools, zip-ties, pencils, paintbrushes, etc. with VELCRO® cable ties.

7. Mount emergency gear, such as flashlights, spare keys, first aid kits, and other small handled supplies to the wall with a sticky-back wall & desk cable catcher.

8. Wrap rolls of PVC, long tubing, pipes, and more together with a roll of loop tape and keep them stacked or hanging from the wall with cable carriers at each end.

The Possibilities Are Unlimited With Cable Wraps

For your entire garage storage and organization needs, consider the cable ties that specifically utilize industrial strength VELCRO®. You will be amazed at how it can change your life and save you time finding the tools you need fast and easy without having to dig in the piles. With cable ties, you can see what you’re looking for hanging up on the wall and out of the way.

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