A Few Things to Know about Warehouse or Factory Leasing


Factory or warehouse space leasing is a process that requires a lot of consideration because the future of the business depends on it. A business requires a new facility in a new place or city for expanding its operation to new areas. But this whole scenario of taking a new space for rent is not an easy business. A business cannot just walk up to a place and take it on rent and start its operation. As it’s all about the future of the business, one needs to be careful and strategical in choosing the place as well as the landlord.

The landlord is even a tantalizing factor when it comes to renting industrial space. One must carefully look at all the facets to decide if the place meets all the requirements. Finding the place is not the only solution. It is also necessary to learn about all the tax and legal regulations of the area for proper operation in the Factory for rent purple area (โรงงานให้เช่าพื้นที่สีม่วง, term in Thai).

The building and the space

Different business requires different types of places. A place that is perfect for a restaurant will never be perfect for a factory with large equipment. All spaces are not built in a similar way. Putting in proper time to inspect the area thoroughly will help to find out everything. Along with it, one must also make sure to discuss the necessity of modification. The business might need to make a few temporary modifications to make it perfect for its operations. Doing this without the permission of the landlord might put the business in legal trouble even. Discussing this thing and keeping everything in writing will help to stay safe from future legal issues. Always make sure that there is enough space for parking facilities so that all your employees and clients can always get space for their cars and bikes.

Who is going to do all the repairs?

This is something that can get the client and the landlord into an unwanted tussle. To avoid any such situation, it is necessary to talk the whole thing out. Along with the base charge, the landlord will also charge you for the electricity consumption and other facilities. Sometimes a maintenance charge in also included with these. It is no wonder that some damages can happen during daily operation of the business. There can be a debate over the party responsible for these repairs. While the regular maintenance might be done by the landlord as they charge the business for maintenance. They might ask for the expense of the damages that are out of the range of regular maintenance. Discussing all of these and finalizing in written will help both the parties avoid nasty situations.

The laws and regulations

Knowing the laws and regulations of the area is a necessary factor for any business. From tax laws to industrial property laws, these might differ from one place to another. Make sure that the authorities allow you to run your operations in that specific place and you abide by all the laws.

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