A Wonderful Website Showing the Work in Interior Design for S&K Interiors


S&K Interiors is in the middle of the Central End of St Louis, MO is quite an innovative interior design corp. with over ten years of experience working both in the commercial and residential properties in Missouri, New York, California, Illinois, South Caroline and Colorado. They thrive on “creating space that inspires”.

Mother-daughter design team

This is a mother-daughter design team of interior designers from St Louis. They focus on offering their clients with contemporary, modern, classical, cost-effective, functional as well as gorgeous spaces.

Across the US

SK-Ineriordesigns provide their services in interior design throughout the St Louis area as well as cities across the United States such as:

  • Chesterfield
  • Ladue
  • Town and Country
  • Wildwood
  • Frontenac
  • Des Peres
  • Ballwin
  • Clayton
  • Brentwood
  • Maryland Heights
  • St Louis County
  • Santa Monica
  • Colorado Springs
  • Port Washington

Their services include:

Interior Design

Interior Design which is their passion and can be seen with their choices of accents, colours, lines that are clean, elegant finishes and other elements take to make this design firm one-of-kind design company as well as one of the very top interior designers in the St. Louis area.


Consulting in interior design is helping individuals who are planning and directing the construction of remodelling of a spacious interior. Professionals in this field, help clients decide on materials, colour schemes, as well as furniture that fit the client’s personalities and add aesthetic beauty to their homes.

Home staging

One client after several attempts at selling their listing decided to have S&K Interior to stage the home. The companies staging is modern and fresh. Their staging gives the space just the right sparkle as the home went under contract in only one day for the full asking price.

Example of design

This company’s website has some wonderful pictures of some of the staging and design they have done on different types of residents. From a penthouse that has been re-designed to Asian Interior Design the examples on their website are worth a visit. There is a traditional home that was changed into an Asian large area. The living room and formal dining room was made into an area of entertainment that has the feel of a stylish lobby of a hotel. The colours consist of teal, mustard yellow and red all creating energy in the room.

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