Furnace Repair and Replacement: What are the Factors Affecting Replacement Costs?


Furnace repair costs can be quite high at times, usually depending on the nature of the issue. In most cases, you can avoid costly repairs by maintaining your furnace properly. However, there are situations when you seriously have to think about replacing your furnace. If you are also experiencing the same problem, you need to consider some important factors to get a better idea about furnace replacement costs. For instance:

Furnace Types:

You need to learn a bit about different furnace types available today. Of course, it is better to have a clue about your budget constraints before you start shopping for a new furnace. You should also do the same when you have a major furnace repair task to take care of. Keep in mind that furnaces vary in the type of energy or fuel they use. You can buy electric furnaces and you can also buy gas and oil furnaces. What works best for you depends directly on your unique household needs. The average cost of a new furnace may vary greatly, but you should expect to pay the least amount of money for electric furnaces. Oil furnaces are usually the most expensive ones, whereas gas furnaces fall somewhere in between electric and oil furnaces. Be sure to explore and compare different options to make a right decision.

Furnace Size:

The size of your furnace matters a lot and should be selected keeping your unique household need in mind. Opting for a right-sized furnace can save you some good money in energy costs. You will also have to bear with low upfront cost. Bigger furnaces are usually more expensive, which is why you need to ensure that you select a size that is just enough for your family.

Furnace Installation:

When comparing the cost of furnace repair and furnace replacement, you should consider installation costs as well. Having a new furnace installed by a specialist will cost you money. The cost usually depends on the time it takes to install the furnace. If it is difficult to install your furnace, you are likely to pay more for it. The installation cost will go up if new ductwork is required.

Furnace Efficiency:

Furnaces today are highly efficient, and you can choose from a variety of options. You may want to put your money on furnaces with a higher AFUE rating because they are likely to run more efficiently – they can also offer significant cost savings.

When it comes to furnace repair or replacement, you should never make a hasty decision. A plumbing and heating expert can often help repair your furnace, but sometimes, it is not right to waste money on repair. Replacing your furnace seems to be a better choice in certain situations, but always keep in mind that every home has different needs, so consider abovementioned factors before replacing your furnace.

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