Appliance Hacks You’ll Love


Have you ever taken a plate out of the dishwasher, only to see that there’s still some food on it? Household appliances are excellent at saving us the time it takes to complete mundane tasks, so it’s a downer when they don’t quite work properly.

Read below or check out these appliance repair tips for common problems with your fridge and dishwasher, so you can take a shot at fixing them yourself. But if the problems with your appliances persist after you try to fix them, don’t hesitate to call a professional repair service.

Dishwasher Repairs

If your plates and glasses come out the dishwasher still dirty, there’s a problem; if you wanted to wash it by hand, you would have done so in the first place!

Check the filter to see if something is clogged. It could be a very quick fix. Sometimes the hardness of the water or the kind of detergent used can be responsible for a clog and prevents the filter from self-cleaning. If the filter has become torn or damaged, it’s possible for food particles to get into the spray arms, and prevents them from working properly.

Always make sure you scrape as much food as possible off into the garbage or compost before loading the dishwasher to prevent food from clogging it in the first place.

Fixing a Noisy Refrigerator

Your fridge could be making too much noise for multiple reasons. To check if it’s the fan motor, first, disconnect the power and take off the read access panel. See if there’s any debris or anything obstructing the fan from moving freely. Vacuuming this area helps keep the air move freely.

The noise could also be caused by the evaporator fan motor, which is located in the freezer compartment. The evaporator fan motor also pulls air over the evaporator coils when the compressor is running — if you’re hearing a loud noise from the freezer area, it could be caused by a faulty evaporator fan motor.

To do an inspection, unplug your fridge and remove the evaporator fan cover. If you see that there’s ice or frost causing the noise, then a defrost problem is responsible. If the blades of the fan have been damaged or loosened, they need to be replaced. Your fridge could be making unusual noises for other reasons still, but hopefully, these steps fix the problem.

Sometimes there are measures you can take on your own to see if an appliance is broken before you call an expert for help. But if you have any doubts about what you’re doing, or feel you may make the problem even worse, then call a licensed technician right away. Look for a repair service that has flexible hours and licensed technicians who give you an upfront costing right away — you don’t want to be hit with a larger bill than you expected.

Otherwise, hopefully, these hacks will fix the problems and get your kitchen appliances working the way they should.

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