Best Solutions To Hire A Housekeeper


Many people have issues when it comes to hiring a housekeeper in London. This is mostly due to the lack of trust that exists between people and also the doubt of the person performing a good job.

As an individual, you have three solutions to hire a housekeeper.

· Hire Directly

The first is to hire him directly. You will have to take care of everything: choose your employee, propose a contract of employment, respect the labor law and the steps that go with it (declaration of wages, calculation of paid holidays or maternity leave, payment of expenses and social contributions, dismissal). You will become his “boss” in short. But we do not hide it; it’s a lot of paperwork.

Fortunately, some devices have been created to facilitate these steps. This is the case of the universal service employment check (CESU), which allows both to pay and declare his cleaning lady. You do not have to worry about pay slips, declarations, or the calculation of deductions and contributions.

· Hire Through An Agency

The other solution to hire a housekeeper is to go through a cleaners London. These organizations will take a commission, by the way.

You must also remember that you will remain the employer in the eyes of the law. This means that as with the active job, you will need to meet legal notice periods to terminate the contract. The duration of the notice then depends on the seniority of your cleaning lady:

  • Less than six months of seniority: 1-week notice
  • Between 6 months and two years: 1 month notice
  • More than two years: 2 months notice.

· Hire Through Service Providers

Ask for the services of a salaried housekeeper from a service provider. In this case, the cleaning lady is hired and paid by the service provider, who bears all the formalities and risks. For example, you can stop the services at any time and without charge. This is the solution that offers the greatest peace of mind because you do not take care of anything (except to pay the bills and the services of the agency) and you can achieve that through Domestic Cleaners London.

And finally, there are services on demand, a click from your smartphone like Uber for cars, and a connection is made with an available household provider.

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