What Is a Shower Pan, and Which One Should You Buy


A shower pan was developed to catch the used water while you or anyone else is taking a shower. It is the bottom of the shower and the pan is made of various types of materials. If you have a shower pan fitted in your bathroom, you will not have to invest as much time in cleaning your shower after it is used.

Best shower base

The best shower base is essential for anyone. That is the reason that a lot of very well-known as well as lesser-known companies are making as well as selling these products. The market is currently full of various options. But not all of them are worth buying.


You will be able to say goodbye to any sudden slipping accidents as a DreamLine shower base is very easy to maintain. It has a glossy acrylic finish that protects from stains and from any falls. This pan comes with the center drainage system. It will easily fit into any bathroom and the price is also very reasonable.

Product highlights

  • Safe to use
  • Maintenance and repair are made easier
  • Attractive various color to complements bathroom style
  • Quick for installation
  • UPC certified
  • Modern as well as durable low-profile design

Better pans

When shopping for the best shower pan, most people get confused with the material types. Some experts prefer acrylic shower bases, while others preferring fiberglass. Both fiberglass and acrylic shower bases are imaginary but with some limitations. Acrylic shower bases last the longest, are easy to clean and the cost is much less in maintenance and repairs.


Fiberglass is cheaper but not as tough as acrylic shower bases. The repair and any maintenance of fiberglass base cost more as well. It depends on your partiality. You need to buy the type that suits your needs. But if you have older people using the shower, get the best shower pan to protect people from slipping.

Most popular

The best and popular shower bases are listed as being:

  • Waterpik XRO-763T Series Powerpulse Massage Head Held shower head, chrome.
  • Waterpik XRO-733 PowerPulse Massage, High Pressure Fixed Mount Shower Head, Chrome, 2.5 GPM.
  • Emvency Shower Curtain Beige Brass Polka Dot Pattern Gold Silver Basis Body Waterproof.
  • Ahawoso Shower Curtain 72” x 72” Grey, Watercolours Brush Vintage.

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