Everyone Who Works in the Yard Needs a Leaf – blower of Some Type


When first thinking whether to buy a leaf blower, the expected reason for blowing away leaves is usually the very first that will comes to mind. But actually, they claim a broad assortment of other uses, being essential during the fall or autumn when leaves begin falling off the trees, but being just as essential at clearing snow; cleaning out vents and some uses that are unfamiliar such as “threading wire through a conduit pipe at high speed”.

Compact leaf blower

This type of blower often is just as handy indoors as well, smoothly cleaning out dust and grime from computers and other electronic devices. This is a great use and there are other uses, and inventive applications for this adjustable garden tool.


Clearing leaves on large property can be a huge job, but there is less work if you have a good blower in your arsenal of tools. If you’re looking for power and long life, you’ll want to pick up one of the best backpack leaf blower.

Types and styles

There are various types and styles of leaf blowers available. Selecting the right one for you can help ensure you’re happy with your purchase. This article will give you food for thought that you need to consider.

Main categories

There are three categories of blowers powered by gas:

Handhelds are the cheapest, lightest to use, and yet the least powerful of the three categories, carried only by the strength of your arms.


  • Wheeled or also referred to as known as Walk Behind, are the most expensive, the heaviest, and most powerful – you push or pull these machines along the ground.
  • Backpack models (are carried on your back with a harness) fall in the middle and are the ones that you see most professional landscape companies using.
  • Handheld is meant for very small jobs.

Best reviewed

The Ryobi Jet Fan Blower is the most powerful gas handheld blower and is to pin this category. This blower has a fantastic combination of airspeed and the quantity of air movement. On full blast, you’ll be shocked at just how powerful it is! You will also appreciate that there’s a variable speed trigger that lets you turn it lower when needed (a delicate flower bed doesn’t need gale force winds).

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