Best Ways To Eliminate Roaches From Home


Cockroaches are fascinating insects that have been walking the earth since the time of dinosaurs. They are incredibly resourceful and can live on for a month at a stretch, without food.

They can even survive a week without their head. But always harboring on garbage and dirt, they are despised in all households. No one wants them in their vicinity, and so, in case you fall prey to roaches at your place, follow these ways to eliminate them.

Get rid of all food residue

When it comes to pests and insects, it is better to maintain precautions than investing in cure. Cockroaches are immediately attracted to food residue and waste, so they mostly host upon kitchen dustbins. It is essential to clean the kitchen, storage, and garbage area repeatedly to stop the infestation of cockroaches. You should also not leave food in the open and keep cleaning the trash can several times throughout the day.

Look out for cracks and holes

The entry and exit points of cockroaches are most common. If they have primarily infested your house, you should consider approaching local cockroach control for permanent elimination. However, before you start the pest control, look out for the cracks in attic, pantry, basement, and between the countertops. These are the places that allow most roach activity and should be regulated for safety.

Check water leakage and coagulation

While the cockroaches can survive weeks without food, they can only go on for a few days without water. If you have stopped their entry from all probable locations, they will move to areas with water coagulation and leakage. Check such situations and keep an eye at apparent regions to kill the cockroaches before they grow. Also, move the indoor plants to avoid having a pool of stagnant water.

Use insecticides

There are different cockroach repellent insecticides available. They act best when the cockroaches come under their direct contact. So you might consider having a spray can in handy and use it whenever you sight a cockroach. It should be noted that these insecticides are only useful for a considerable number of insects and bugs. They will stand ineffective if your house has a nest of hundreds of roaches.

Kill them carefully

Some people are reluctant to use insecticides if there are toddlers and kids in the house. They have a bad impact on the health of pets, as well. If you want to kill the cockroaches without insecticides, you should spray soapy water at them. Like most insects, these roaches also breathe from their skin, and soap water suffocates them. This is the most effective way to kill insects without having physical contact with them.

Contact the pest control center

You can take all the necessary steps, and cockroaches may still continue to grow. This is the time when you should contact the pest control center to have professional surveillance of your place. They use advanced technology and high-end chemicals for an absolute end of the roaches.

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