Can Rat Infestation Start Through Drains


Majority of the homeowners or pest control companies while rodent-proofing overlook one major part of the house. The drains.

Did you know that your drains are the most common entry point for the rats?

It’s a paradise for them. Rats get everything they need to survive and breed in multitudes. From the unlimited supply of water and food to shelter, our sewage system becomes a best-ever source of nourishment to them.

How do rats enter your home?

Drains being invisible to the naked eyes stand a chance of being ignored when we carry out all possible rat prevention methods. Drain rats are blessed with amazing survival skills and a highly flexible body structure. Even the tiniest crack would be sufficient for the rats to squeeze their bodies into them and make an entry to your house via the drainage system.

What can you do to avoid rat infestation through the drain?

There are plenty of ways to get rid of rats. The first step you must take is to rat-proof your house, i.e. seal the entry and exit points. If the rat infestation problem goes beyond your control, it is always advised to contact experts such as a drainage company.

Here are some tips that you can do-it-yourself to rat-proof your house:

  • Check for cracks and holes and seal them
  • Avoid cluttering in and around your house
  • Make sure you do not leave food items open anywhere near your house.
  • Place the garbage bins far away from your house. Close the lid tightly.

Another important point to keep rats from entering your home is by restricting them at their common entry point, i.e. drains. Removing rats from drains requires you to block them by installing rat blockers a.k.a rat flaps.

How does rat blockers help in preventing rat infestation?

Rat Blockers – A revolutionary rat prevention method blocks the rat from coming up the drains into your homes. They consist of double gates that allow free flow of waste liquid but preventing rats from gaining access.

Another important benefit of rat blockers is that they let the rats that already entered the home to leave the drains but doesn’t allow them to enter again. Rat blockers for drains are a humane and environmentally-friendly method to prevent rat infestation.

So, now you know why all your rat-proofing methods did not give results. Most homeowners are unaware of this fact about rats entering through drains and try all possible methods from setting traps to rat poisons, only to find rats causing a huge nuisance in their daily lives.

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