Choosing Between PU And Epoxy Joint Sealants


When it pertains to hardness epoxies are a lot stronger yet polyurethane joint sealants are more scratch resistant. Polyurethanes do not bond well to concrete and also do not exhibit the self progressing attributes that epoxies do when applied to on these surface areas. The majority of polyurethanes additionally have high VOC level and will have quite a smell when used.

As you can tell from the first paragraph, there are certain situations where epoxy joint sealants are preferrable while others call for the use of PU sealants. Understanding the characteristics of each material will allow you to determine which type of sealant to use and what to consider.


Epoxies are a lot less permeable sealant. Unlike acrylics, an epoxy will certainly not permit the concrete to release vapor via the sealant. This is an important factor to consider when choosing to make use of an epoxy.

If the concrete wishes to draw in and produce vapour the epoxy will trap it in the concrete. That alone says do not make use of epoxy on an outside in a freeze/thaw atmosphere. In a freeze/thaw atmosphere, the dampness caught in concrete can freeze as well as place stress on the interior components of the concrete triggering it to crack from inside.

Epoxies are also not UV steady, so if they are positioned outdoors or in a location where they are made vulnerable to UV rays the sealant will certainly yellow or powder. Like solvent-based polymers, epoxy sealants will certainly darken the color of the concrete.

Unless there is a particular obstacle or requirement for a PU, there will certainly more than most likely be an epoxy flooring that is up to the job handy, and which can do so in intense and glossy tones, glittering light reflective surfaces or multi-toned swirling tones.

This provides developers the creative thinking to mount special floorings that convey the interior decoration system. This is a particularly good way to represent a brand name identification, certain visual or to infuse the environment with the wanted vibe. This has made epoxies a go-to flooring for massive business venues such as shopping centres as well as airports along with in less sturdy commercial areas or for customer-facing handling areas that require to look good in addition to be functional.


Polyurethanes are likewise thermo establishing polymers that are usually utilized as leading finish products on floorings.

One of the most usual type is aliphatic polyurethanes as they are anywhere from 55-75{9931f4b8f18f13807521e9d11c440a83933a615b045074a3eac2c2cae004b2ed} solids as well as completely dry 1-4 mils thick relying on use process. Polyurethane is very versatile and also permit good effect immune. They are additionally UV secure definition when sunshine is subjected on it they will certainly not yellow over time like some epoxies.

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