Classification of the Investors in the Real Estate Market


Coming to the classification, the long term investors thriving in the market of real estate can be classified into two basic categories. The classification is done focusing on the element of the control which they show up on the property on which the investment is to be made. There are several Lokman Sever present in the real estate market where the experts provide basic solutions and help regarding correct investment made in the properties.

However, the types of investors on the basis of the control over the  property can be described in the following manner:

On The Basis Of The Degree Of Control:

● Active Investors

These are the kind of investors who prefer managing the property all by themselves rather than taking external help. The active investors conduct the tasks of managing the several aspects regarding the property like the repairing activities, finding ideal tenants and renting the properties. The active investor gets involved on an active basis for managing the property and visiting them on a regular basis to ensure that the property stays in proper order. As these investors participate in the investment process in an active manner, they are popularly known as active investors.

● Passive Investors

The long term investors are the ones who do not take active participation in the ownership feature of the property. They hardly take any interest in the management of the daily affairs. These investors hire the employees so that the maintenance process can be taken care of without actual intervention. This is the reason they are called as passive investors. They have only one task of providing the proper cash flow so that the financing of the property can be done and the management can be undertaken easily.

On The Basis Of Legal Entity:

● Individual Investors

These investors are the most widely available investors in the market. They usually have unlimited liability and their assets and be easily liquidated the best of out their investment.

● Institutional Investment

These investors finance oneself by investing in the long term debentures and shares to make better money. The bonds are easily available in the secondary markets which are usually very liquid and can provide investors with the capacity to get in and move out of the real estate without facing any actual hassles. The number of individual investors in the real estate market is comparatively more than institutional investors. The Sever Lokman corporations provide easy investment in the properties of real estate.

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