Curved Handrails for Concrete stairs


Recently BAVARI were commissioned to manufacture & install curved handrails & spindles to a new curved concrete staircase for a private client in Co Cork, Ireland.

A project of this nature requires very precise measurements & follows up drawings to ensure that the handrails will fit the exact curvature, rise and going of the existing staircase.

Ryan and an employee travelled to Cork to spend the day measuring & taking templates for each tread and around the curved balconies in order to recreate the bespoke stairs that exists on site.

These templates were then taken back to the office and carefully laid out to be translated into 2D drawings before finally being re-drawn in the stair software package to create final working drawings, 3D images for the client and specialised code creation for the CNC machine.

Upon sign off of the drawings, blocks of timber are prepared for the CNC machine which will machine them into curved handrail pieces using 5-axis technology. The machine will also pre-drill the handrail for each spindle providing quick & precise holes thus reducing installation time on site and eliminating manmade inaccuracies. The handrail pieces are then sanded & fitted together temporarily to ensure everything fits together perfectly prior to going to site for installation.

Finally the team head back to site and spent just over a day installing the handrails & spindles. The meticulous planning, measuring, drawing & skilful execution has payed off and the handrails fit beautifully on the staircase with very little adjustments needed.

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