Digital Door Lock Systems – Different types and their Advantages


Technology has embedded its roots deeply into society, and everyone is enjoying various benefits provided by technological solutions in their fields. In this tech-savvy world, many traditional mechanical and other types of devices are being replaced by digital systems for better and quick solutions.

Digital Lock systems and their benefits

Digital locks are low cost and efficient locking systems designed with various integrated electronic systems that enhance the security and action time. Digital lock systems are easy to install and can be used in the right way with a proper power supply to the system. Here are some benefits of digital door lock systems:

  • The primary advantage of a digital lock system would be enhanced security. They come with unique electronic registrations that are required to be accessed to unlike duplication of a normal key.
  • They can be re-programmed if there are any errors and the errors can be corrected without having to replace the whole system.

Different types of digital lock systems

  • Keypad Type:

The keypad type is the traditional electronic locking system that can be accessed only with the pin number for entry. This is a more general type of locking system used for applications such as digital lockers. These days along with keypads, touchpads can also be seen being used to input the pin instead of traditional buttons.

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID):

RFID locks are commonly seen in places like corporate offices and labs to give access to their employees. RFID locks use RFID tags or critical fob or RFID cards that have a unique ID to provide access to enter through the door. The advantage of RFID tags is that they can be used from the pocket or wallet instead of taking them out to be used physically as to operating Radio Frequency transmission.

Finally, technology has revolutionized many fields in the industry and locking systems are no different. Digital door lock systems ensure that the locks are more secure and cannot be fooled easily like traditional key-lock systems where a duplicate key is enough to gain access. To know more about digital locks, contact providers of security systems in Brisbane today.

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