DIY Home Security Systems


Do it yourself home security system are available in two varieties. The one is the hard-wired and the other is the wireless. A wireless security system operates making use of radio frequencies.

These systems will cost you a little more compared to your conventional wired system. However, installing the wireless unit is much simpler. When looking at your typical security system, these are the components that should be included in the package: window and door sensors, motion detectors, a control unit and a receiver. Looking at this do it yourself home security system, you can be assured that you will not be paying that much. If you are interested in adding on to the system, other components that are available are smoke detectors and glass-break sensors.

If you insist on the wired system, you will be able to purchase a unit for much cheaper than the wireless system. Included in the package are basically the same elements you will find in the wireless unit. It will take you a bit longer to install, because if you want the job neatly done you will have to conceal the wires in the walls, in the attic or in the crawlspace. This concealment of wires is something your local electrician or professional home camera system installers can carry out for you if you are struggling.

All you have to do in order to make this do it yourself home security system work is to follow the instructions found in the package and connect it accordingly. You will find that there isn’t much to it. A wireless or wired unit, make sure the control panel is installed near the front door inside your house. Make sure it is placed where you will be able to recognize the alert signal when it sounds. Window and door sensors must be installed, and this is done by fastening the sensor element either to the window frame or the door.

The magnetic element has to be installed adjacent to the sensor element. The sensor element and magnet element need to be under 1/2in apart and face to face. Installing this home security system is easy. Now for the motion detectors. Make sure these are installed where areas of the house are not guarded by window and door sensors. If you have pets running around inside most of the day, know that there are motion detectors available that are “pet-friendly”.

These detectors can be set so that motion below a certain height is ignored by the sensors. If you are not interested in the full wired or wireless system, you will be happy to know that stand-alone door and window alarms are available that give off a loud sound when activated. If you want to make sure you do it yourself home security system does a proper job protecting and alerting you and your family, think like a burglar and look at all the vulnerable areas of your house, working out from there.

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