Fun things to do and explore while you are at Galveston’s Harbor House


Visiting Galveston could provide every tourist a good and relaxing vacation. With its renaissance themed infrastructures, fascinating view of the harbor and its warm yet cozy environment, planning a visit to Galveston will always be a good choice. However, these are not the only things that Galveston provide, the area also offers the best hotels and restaurants that not only give every tourist a glimpse of the area’s historical past but also provide the perfect accommodation and hospitality they deserve. From the best restaurants to the places that offer the perfect scenic view every tourist would like, here are the 5 Fun Things to do Around Galveston’s Harbor House.

Harbor House Hotel and Marina

Located at No.28 Pier 21, Galveston, Texas in the United States, The Harbor House offers a wide variety of things to do and explore, located near the city center, which is surrounded by shopping centers, bars and restaurants and sightseeing venues that will surely eliminate every tourist stress. Booking a room with Harbor House Hotel and Marine will definitely add fun to your vacation at Galveston.

Historical Tourist Attractions

The hotel stands beside a 19th-century steamship terminal, providing a glimpse of the area’s magnificent history. The hotel also stands near restaurants that serve delicious, exotic dishes. It is just a walk away from the Texas Seaport Museum and the area’s Grand Opera House.

Restaurants that Offers the Freshest Seafood in Town

Because of the hotel’s perfect location, the Harbor House Hotel is perfectly accessible to the freshest seafood in Galveston. The Grill at Pier 21, which can be reached from the Harbor House Hotel’s first floor offers the freshest seafood in town, as well as Olympia, Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood Grill and Willie G’s Seafood and Steakhouse.

Cruise and Boat Tour Adventure

If you are looking for the best cruise trip experience, the Harbor House Hotels offer various deals to their customers who are looking for an adventure on the sea. They offer a cruise ride that travels along the eastern coast of Mexico up to Belize, as well as a boat ride tour that provides a great adventure with the dolphins.

Surrounded by the best shops and attractions

The Harbor Hotel House is perfectly located for those tourists who would want to explore the whole area without spending extra on transportation vehicles such as buses or taxis. The Harbor Hotel House is located near the Galveston’s shopping districts, various restaurants and coffee shops, sightseeing venues that offer the best view of the coast.

Strand District

The Harbor Hotel House is also located near the historic Strand District, which is considered as a National Historic Landmark in the United States. It offers a majestic view of the district’s beautiful renaissance era-themed infrastructures. The district also has a number of shopping stalls, bars and restaurants and even establishments that serve the best coffee and teas.


These are just the 5 Fun Things to do Around Galveston’s Harbor House. There are still many things and activities the place offers, from its cozy ambiance, delicious and savory delicacies, to its perfect amenities and accommodation, not to mention their hospitable staff. Checking in at Harbor House Hotel in Galveston will definitely give you the best and perfect vacation experience.

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