Essential equipments for making Dutch recipes


Talk about the Netherlands and you cannot escape the mention of Dutch cuisine. Dutch cuisine is famous for its simple and straightforward approach. Also, the fact of lesser usage of meat or using meat in smaller pieces with lots of veggies gives them a peculiar stand against all of the other cuisines. However, the more peculiar the style of cooking the trickier can be the process. And, if you want to impress your guests with some jovial Dutch oven recipes you must ensure to follow the right process and have the right equipment. Here’s a list of essential equipment for making Dutch food.

Dutch Oven

For an oven recipe, the most important tool is obviously the oven. However, Dutch ovens are not like any regular oven with a box like shape. It comprises a heavy cast iron made pot along with a tightly fitted lid. In the Netherlands this utensil is used to make stews and soups and also used as casseroles for cast iron dutch oven recipes.


Mashers are something essential for ensuring thick gravy and vegetable fillings. It is a utensil used for grinding and mashing cooked vegetables like potato or a dutch traditional apple sauce.


Before mashing any of the veggies it is important to separate them from their liquid environments. Strainers help in doing the task easily and also sometimes in separating unwanted materials from gravies and sauces.

Meat Grinder

A traditional Dutch dish has the particularity of having lesser meat composition. Therefore, they ensure that their meat is grinded into finer particles that reduce the detection of their presence while maintaining the taste. Therefore, for ensuring this you need to assure yourself of having a meat grinder which will help you in mincing the pieces, make sure the grinder comes with a sausage attachment that can help you in making sausage braadworst, a specialty of dutch tradition.

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