Everything about Spring Mattresses – Layers, Types of Coils, And More


A spring mattress is the most traditional kind of mattress that provides support and comfort to people. It contains various coils, which differ in density at the middle of the mattress. They bounce back with the mattress structure and give support. Factors including springs, metal thickness, technique, and others affect the mattress quality.

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Layers of a spring mattress

The core part provides support to a mattress. The upholstery or comfort layer will have 3 layers, such as:

  • 1st layer – made with mesh or fiber. It helps to keep the core of the mattress in place
  • 2nd layer – made with foam or fiber pads. They act as upholstery for the mattress
  • 3rd layer – is called quilt, and it contains light foam or fibers

What types of coils are used in a spring mattress?

There are 4 common options available for the manufacturers to construct spring mattresses. They include:

Marshall or pocket coils

The coils contain a thin gauge and barrel shape. These coils work independently as they are not connected. Pocket coils can reduce the effect of weight over the mattress. Everyone, including people who sleep on their stomach can use this mattress.

Continuous coils

It contains various individual coils and gives a peaceful and sound sleep. Continuous coil mattresses are affordable, comfortable, and the best deal for the price.

Bonnell coils

These coils will have a thicker structure at the end, a thin structure in the middle, and a helical shape. The thicker ends give uniform support, and the lighter center provides soft pressure. It keeps the body temperature stable and gives a cool feeling.

Offset coils

These coils are not only durable but also conform to the body contour. It’s ideal for side sleepers as it helps to prevent back and joint pain.

Pros and cons of a spring mattress


  • Proper airflow
  • Affordable


  • Wear out over time
  • Maintenance

If you are looking for the best mattress at a reasonable price, a spring mattress is the best option. Choose a reputed mattress manufacturer who offers customized mattresses and contact today to purchase a comfortable mattress.

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