Features of home maintenance applications


Home maintenance applications are the leading online application to facilitate access to home maintenance and construction services in less than a minute. Skilzat connects service seekers from homeowners or companies with professional (skilled) service providers.

The right price

We at Skilzat strive to provide our customers with the best prices for our services, with transparency and clarity, through an innovative system of pricing for services that guarantee your comfort and satisfaction.

Good time

Because we respect the times of our clients, we have committed to providing our various services, at the times specified by the client, through the appointment booking system.

Quality of service

In addition to a strict skilled qualification system for service provision, skilzat is keen on enabling its clients to express their opinions and comments on the service provided, which in turn ensures the continuity of high quality.

Our services


Wiring, accessories and circuit breakers are among the most important things that must be maintained periodically in order to preserve electrical appliances. We apply skilzat to provide you with skilled electric technicians.


Skilzat provides you with skilled professionals who specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of gypsum and gypsum board decorations and false ceilings.


Fading of paint colors and their removal is not appropriate for the home of our valued customers, so the skilzat application is fully prepared to provide a specialized team of experienced to complete the paints work and maintain it, suitable for all of our customers ’markets.


Flooring needs care and maintenance to maintain its quality. We have a team specialized in installing floors and repairing damage and polishing.


Follow-up on the maintenance of the home health network is important to detect damaged parts that may cause leaks, the skilzat team provides you with experienced technicians.

Glass and aluminum

Maintenance and care of glass, window grilles, and aluminum doors is one of the services we provide with high quality at the hands of specialists in the field of glass and aluminum.


Carpenters are skilled in installing home furnishings and wooden decors, we also offer repair and maintenance services for you.

Swimming pool

Taking care of swimming pools is an integral part of home periodic maintenance. Skilzat app offers you a team that specializes in comprehensive periodic maintenance services.


There is no doubt that air conditioner malfunctions cause inconvenience to you, so regular maintenance is important to reduce malfunctions. We provide you with professional and skilled technicians in all types of air conditioners.

Pest control

There are many types of pests and insects hidden in your house that may cause you great damage, so skilzat provides you with the best pest control service using modern and safe technologies and high safety conditions.


Accumulation of dust, bacteria, and allergens may not be removed with normal cleaning. Skilzat helps you get rid of these problems by providing a comprehensive furniture cleaning service for your home by skilled and experienced professionals.


Over time, cracks in the walls and cracks may occur, the skilzat team performs repair and treatment work without a trace.

How to use

In three simple steps you can get the service:

Carry out the mission

The skilled will contact you and you can see his evaluation before he comes to complete the work professionally.

Specify some details

Such as location, date and time, and a photo or video of the required service.

Choose the service

Electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, etc.

Why skilzat?

Requesting the service in three simple steps.

You can explain the required service with a photo or video.

Ease of locating with GPS.

Flexible appointment booking system.

Specific rates and electronic bills.

Service evaluation feature.

You can choose the skill that suits you.

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