Few of the Most Common Furnace Problems


Furnace malfunctions surely are problematic for any person. It mainly happens because of not doing regular maintenance of the home heating system. Some people don’t realize that their heating system isn’t performing perfectly and thus neglect to call an expert furnace repair technician. They realize the issue only when the heating system totally stops working and there is a need to call the technician immediately to repair it.

There are many common furnace problems that can be noticed easily. The first and foremost matter to consider is calling a trained technician with expertise in repairing a furnace. Residents in CT, call top furnace contractors such as Affordable Heating and Air Conditioning. They are sure to enjoy the comfort of the well-repaired furnace.

Now, the common problems of furnace that need to be made right as soon as it is noticed:

  • The thermostat gives hiccups. The problem can be identified when the fan is running continuously. Eventually, the battery of the thermostat is constantly on and the furnace stops working smoothly. To check the problem, switch the function mode of the fan to auto. Even then, the fan constantly revolves, and then calls the technician.
  • Dirty filters. Often there is a need to clean the filters otherwise the furnace won’t work efficiently. Thus, it is better to clean the filters regularly.
  • Flickering or dim-colored pilot light. It is a telltale sign of something isn’t right with your furnace system. It happens when there is excess carbon monoxide in the heating, which isn’t good for your health and the functioning of the appliance.
  • The heat exchangers could crack if you have used the furnace continuously for long hours. You won’t feel the heat generated by the furnace.
  • Blower belt malfunction. There will be a squeaking sound to hear while the furnace is on. It is time to change the belt to a skilled technician.

Regular maintenance done by an expert is sure to boost the efficiency of your furnace for many years.

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