Finer Methods for the Heating Options Now


If used improperly, infrared devices can harm human health. At a minimum, this is an overdrying of the skin, at a maximum – severe burns and a change in blood cells at a biochemical level. Therefore, during the operation of the unit, one should not be close to it for a long time than at a distance of several meters.

Lack of Temperature

Some models lack a temperature regulator and smooth adjustment there is only a stepwise power switch. At the same time, infrared heaters lose out to competitors in terms of fire safety with close proximity or contact of the emitter with flammable materials, fire may occur. The heating furnace – Athens, GA happens to be the best option now.

The Models

The least reliable wall-mounted film models, which usually do not have any protective devices. The most promising infrared devices today are considered ceiling, which mainly heat the floor, and the heat coming from the floor creates a feeling of comfort.

How to choose a heater for the apartment correctly

  • We tell you what features of heaters you need to pay attention to, so that the acquisition is as practical as possible. But first, to summarize.
  • If you need aimed and fast heating of a certain zone in the room, the noise does not bother you – a fan heater is suitable.
  • If you want to keep the radiator on for a long time so that it does not hum and give off heat even after turning it off, choose from oil and combined models. But keep in mind that they slowly heat up, are not suitable for large areas, you can accidentally get a burn. It is better to place them near the place that you need to warm up.
  • Convectors are almost perfect, but for small to medium sized rooms. Safe, no noise, warm evenly.
  • With convector, functions are the most economical heaters for an apartment, but they suffer from safety.

We calculate the required power of the device

  • For oil devices, fan heaters and convectors, this can be done in two ways.
  • Calculate the volume of the room (multiply the area by height) and divide this value by 30. The result obtained is the recommended power.
  • Take as a basis the indicator of 100 watts per 1 sq.m., subject to ceilings below 3 m.
  • These options are suitable for a heated space. If there is no heating, add 20-30{6005fe00238ed0ec29dcf4f9ca8b03a9042cdf9ccd9cfcf46fbf772e3d1d5bdd} to the obtained value.

Infrared equipment is more economical, there is no special formula for calculating suitable power. It is believed that for heating 10 square meters. m is enough 0.8 kW.

Choose a heating element

Either electric spirals or ceramic heating elements are installed in the fan heaters. The second is preferable they are more economical, do not dry out the air, and evenly distribute heat.

In oil and convector heating elements there are several types:

  • Tape and needle. A cheap but fragile item. Heats up quickly and cools down.
  • Reliable heaters. Minus – may crack a little after switching on.
  • Silent, work without heat loss, reliable.

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