How Are Mice Getting Into Your House?


Mice will try and get into your home in any way they can. If you don’t do regular maintenance in your home, the everyday wear and tear can create access points for mice. Whether you are in Essex or any other county with a lot of built-up areas, mice will be a constant problem. Here, we are going to look at what the signs of mouse problems are within your home, as well as how they’re entering and tips on mouse proofing.

How Do They Get In?

According to mouse pest expert in Essex, there are quite a few common entry points for mice in your home.

  • Attic – Loft spaces are the easiest place for mice to enter. Disrepair often goes unnoticed, leaving holes and cracks which mice can squeeze through.
  • Chimney – Mice can easily climb down your chimney if you have an open flue.
  • Doors and windows – Ill-fitting or damaged doors and windows provide perfect entry points for mice.
  • Damaged roofing – Holes, and cracks in the roofing can help a mouse gain easy access into your home.
  • Garage – Garage doors are often open as we use them for entry into the home. A mouse can easily use these points as well.

Keeping Mice Out

Mice are always on the lookout for a great food source. When they infest your home, they don’t have to go far to get their next meal. There are a lot of hidey holes around your home as well that make the perfect nesting spots.

The solution is to keep your home protected from mice. As mice become more common in Essex, you will want to prevent them from infesting your home. Prevention is much easier than the cure.

To stop mice entering your home, remove any potential food sources and block off access points they could be using. You should also empty your bins on a regular basis to remove food debris.

Having a cleaning routine around the house can also stop mice and other pests from infesting. Living in harmony with mice is the eco thing to do, so the only other real solution to mice in Essex is mouse proofing your home.

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