Finer Options for the Best Carpet Cleaning


No need to use chemicals to get stained wine, coffee, oil, sauce, etc. on your carpet. Many natural products have the ability to be great stain removers. There are tips to effectively clean stains on your carpet or carpet without using products that are harmful to your health and the environment.  Along with the Bissell Big Green cleaning, there are some essential washing options now.

Soda water and baking soda

To remove a stain from a carpet or carpet, but also to make it shine, brush your carpet of sparkling water with a sponge. Brush it gently and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then sprinkle your carpet with baking soda. Once the bicarbonate is dry, vacuum your carpet.

First, let’s clear out some misunderstandings:

  • wait as long as conceivable before cleaning your carpet
  • the only reason to clean carpet is to remove visible dirt
  • every cleaning method is equally good
  • easy to do yourself with the right equipment
  • just choose the cheapest company

All the above points are of course incorrect and you already knew that, because:

  • engaging a professional carpet cleaner periodically is to preserve your carpet
  • not only visible dirt but also pollen, dust mites, molds or odors is a good reason to have the carpet cleaned periodically by a good company
  • The best method that cleans most intensively is the spray extraction method, also called the deep cleaning method. Even large carpet manufacturers recommend this method.

Carpet cleaning is a profession. Without the right knowledge, no good result is possible

Low prices are baiters. Once inside, the price quickly increases because you have no experience with having your carpet cleaned. You do not dare to send the carpet cleaner away. As a result, you will reluctantly pay way too much for cleaning your carpet.

How Do You Find A Good Carpet Cleaner?

How do you find a good, competent and above all professional carpet cleaner? A question that is difficult to answer. What you can easily do is prevent problems.

Shaving foam

Diverted from its usual use, shaving foam is an excellent stain remover for carpets with traces of fruit, wine or coffee. Apply shaving foam in a thick layer and let it work for at least 1 hour. Then scrub the carpet with energy using a sponge. For more efficiency, let the shaving foam work overnight and then vacuum.


With its high absorbency, talc is a very effective stain remover. It is also a lightweight abrasive that can easily clean oil, grease or wine stains on a carpet. Sprinkle your carpet with talcum powder and cover the area to be cleaned with several layers of paper towels. Put a hot iron on the paper towel and repeat the process until the stain disappears and change the paper towels until they are free of dirt.

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