Fire Safety and Prevention – Things to Prepare for Inspection


If you are going to check out the news, you will hear different fire incidents from different parts of the country. Actually, this is a case that happens globally. In fact, some of these occurred because of accident, ignorance and even with the consent or motive. As a commercial or residential owner, you should know that such things may happen when you are least expecting it. Therefore, it is your responsibility to care about preventing fire by serious planning and preparing for it.

Everybody must be aware of how you can protect your property and belongings from fire. You may not always be around to look at your house or building. Even security cameras cannot speak and stop the fire. So you must make your property secured by complying with the fire safety rules and regulations. It is not enough to simply install fire alarms because fire safety inspection must be conducted, too. And this should be completed on a regular basis.

Some of you might not know how to conduct such inspections and who will do it. I guess, you have to coordinate with the experts or people, who is authorized to work on the fire and rescue services. This is a concern that every resident or a commercial building owner and it must be taken seriously to prevent fire. Remember that this is a killer that may take lives and destroy properties. If it is a serious matter, then you better prepare the things that will be covered for inspection.

Fire Extinguisher

Do you have fire extinguishers at home or in your business area? A fire extinguisher is used to kill the fire and stop it from spreading. When a fire started, then you have to immediately use this to stop it. This will actually help in preventing your belongings to get on fire. But once the fire has been already uncontrollable, then fire extinguishers may not be of help. So, other means of killing the fire must be done.

Fire extinguishers come in different types. It varies according to the content. For a class A rating that contains water, it won’t be good when electrical equipment is around. We also have foam fire extinguishers, which helps in preventing re-ignition and it is fine when used near your electrical appliance. Another type is the Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers, which is under the class B rating. You may use this even when an electrical fire started and it doesn’t leave harmful residue behind.

For a versatile type, you may use the ABC powder for a mixed environment. Another type is the water mist, which is an extremely effective extinguisher for classes that are rated A, B, C, F and even on electrical fires. This type reduces the oxygen content through its microscopic mist curtain. Lastly, we have a wet chemical, which is specifically designed for fires that involve flammable cooking media like fat or oil.

Fire Alarms

It is very important for everybody to have smoke and fire alarms installed at home or in your business area. This must be subject to inspection, too. I think you must read more about why the NFPA is very much concerned about one’s safety against fire because they have standards to follow.

You just know that these devices are installed, but how sure are you that they are working fine? You cannot start a fire just to test if these are really working, right? Therefore, make sure that the rightful personnel will check it during the inspection.

Fire Exit

Every home or commercial building owner must check the plan of the building. If possible, there must be fire exit doors in every floor.

You just don’t know how people will feel during the fire. Some may panic and run for their safety. As owners, it is your responsibility to make sure that there would be a way out.

This exit may be doors going out of the building. But that’s not all because if you are on the second floor, then there must also be a ladder or pull-down stairs to use.

Electrical Lines and Stove

Most of the fire starts from electrical lines and in your cooking stove. When these things are not monitored and inspected regularly, then failures may not be reported.

Since these are at high risk for your safety, then you must follow the standards for using it. Make sure that the electrical lines are all in good shape. And then, always check the stove and your gas tank for leaks, too.

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