Give Your Room A Make Over


To start choose a dominating showpiece, something like a large piece of artwork as an example, make sure it is a high quality piece. The mind tends to assume then that the same quality exists throughout the room or home. After that make use of other elements in the room to draw attention to them. For instance if you want to draw attention to your chairs or curtains, you could choose the two dominant colors in the artwork and select the same colors for your chairs and curtains. Use no more than two colors. In a refined house sumptuousness remains in the details– information such as fringes, ropes, tassels, hardware, and curtains spilling over onto the flooring by 2 to 4″. A professionally repainted wall, called “trompe l’oeil”, is a mural that creates a third dimension on two dimensional surfaces.

You may need to do some homework on period furniture. I’m referring to the historic styles of furnishings here. Select one period of furnishings that you like and copy it by acquiring a couple of pieces in that design. Use a nice firescreen in front of the fireplace. If you have a dining-room then hang a chandelier in it. They are not all big these days. Don’t ignore your doors– the primary entrance door and the interior doors. Install good hardware at the very least on the primary access doors. If you can get some paneled doors that is the crowning achievement.

Not an art connoisseur that’s alright, you can still buy a large piece of artwork that you like; yes, bigger is much better so long as it is not so big that it occupies the entire room. I recommend you ask friends whose style you appreciate, regarding the tastefulness of the artwork you choose. You will certainly feel extra confident in your selection by doing this. The framework around the paint should be elaborate, so as not to devalue the art. Have a little art light to illuminate it. One more choice for display is to establish a mounted item on an easel.

You might ask where to find artwork and furnishings for your home. Great showpieces are often hidden in small shops you find while on vacation or online. To get the items to your home, use a moving company that specializes in moving small amounts. An interior decorator friend of mine turned me on to Ship Smart. Ship Smart is a great option because they custom pack your items in wood crates. They are affordable and I have never had a problem with them. Ship Smart is great when shipping long distances but if you find a piece across town you do not need to pack it in a wood crate. So here is a link to the different types of small moving companies and when you should use them.

So go out there and find the showpiece you’re always dreaming of, it won’t come to you. With a little effort you can find what you’re looking for and reinvent your entire room around it.

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