Growing Healthy Food Indoors


You might not be aware that many health foods can be grown indoors. One of these is an avocado tree. In fact, growing avocados indoors is much easier than growing outdoors. All you need is just a little patience. You can find more information at

Haas avocado

The most popular growing selection is the Haas avocado, which is perfect for growing indoors. These avocadoes are small and contain content that is high-fat with flesh that is delicious. This plant takes a while to bear fruits (often 10 years). Planting it as an attractive indoor tree is also an endeavor that is rewarding in itself.

Growing from seed

Growing an avocado from seed is quite easy. This includes:

  • Rinsing and cleaning of the seed;
  • Suspend seed with three toothpicks in a matter where one inch of its broad end is keeping underwater;
  • Be sure that the top portion is exposed to the air;
  • Place this glass in a warm area away from direct sunlight;
  • It roots and shoot will begin to develop from the seed after a duration of about 6 weeks;
  • Keep changing the water until the shoot becomes 6-7 inches long or 16-17 cm;
  • Then cut back to 3 inches and wait for leaves sprouting;
  • Once healthy leaves are established and a dense roots system, you can transport to a container or pot;
  • Select a pot having at least 10 inches in diameter with a decent drainage hole;
  • Water after transplanting and keep in a window that is south-facing.

Healthy food

Due to its popularity, avocadoes are the best choice for growing in your indoor space. Growing them from seeds can take years but if you are growing it as a beautiful house plant, the growth from seed is the best choice.

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