Have Someone Else Select the Ideal Carpet Cleaners for You


Finding a high-quality cleaner for your floors and rugs at times can be a task that is challenging.  You need to read reviews, search directory, websites, and listings by Google for a good company.  You need to research carefully to find a company that you can trust in your home.  You need to look for quality, safety, experience, reputation and affordability that are all important aspects that make up a good company.  And if you are in a new home in a new city, it is even more difficult.


The Top Cleaner website takes the hard work out of finding these best aspects in a cleaning company. They personally let you know the best cleaning company in your area to service what you need.  They work only with the highest qualified carpet cleaners making sure that your carpet, air ducts, tile & grout, or any other cleaning you need are done in the best professional manner that is possible.

Your carpet

Having quality carpet in your home is a great thing.  Taking the proper care to keep it looking good is often excessive work for most people to handle alone.  Hiring a good carpet cleaning company takes up a lot of time which most house owners don’t have due to other responsibilities they need to do.  This is when you need to hire a good carpet cleaning company, but you need to research a good professional company and that can also take time.


You shouldn’t hire just any carpet cleaning company as you can often find yourself in trouble.  Make certain you hire the best there is, as you need no other issues or problems. Below are the qualities that the best carpet cleaners will have.

Experienced –

It is best to hire a professional carpet cleaner that has plenty of experience. Having a lot of experience is a superb advantage to have as they already have had the chance to handle a larger selection of cleaning problems on carpets.  Doing this, they will be aware of the most effective clean-up of some issues that you may have on the carpet at home.

Reliability –

You want only a reliable carpet cleaner, so you have no worries in their work or will they be safe to leave in your home if you can’t be there the entire time. Hiring a reliable carpet cleaner so that you don’t really have to worry about them is good for your peace of mind. Hiring a company that is reliable means that you don’t need to bother with reviewing and examining the outcomes this rug cleaning company has done on your carpet or tile in your home. Make certain the company has a money-back or satisfaction guarantee is recommended.

Properly equipped –

Choose the company that has the right equipment will have a significant impact on cleaning a carpet. Professional companies will have the newest tools and gadgets for anything you need doing. They will have the best ability to clean carpet or tiles at your home when they have the proper equipment.

Referral site

The Top Cleaner is a qualified cleaning referral website.  They take the work out of finding a highly qualified carpet cleaner by directly connecting you with the qualified carpet cleaners in your area.

Awards of their cleaners

  • 30 National Awards for Top Cleaner;
  • Readers’ Choice award for the view newspapers.

Certifications of carpet cleaners

  • Water damage restoration;
  • Applied microbial remediation;
  • Applied structural drying;
  • Air systems cleaning specialist;
  • Carpet cleaning, upholstery and fabric cleaning;
  • Leather cleaning;
  • Tile and grout cleaning;
  • Wood floor cleaning;
  • Odor control;
  • OSHA Health and safety;
  • Area rug cleaning;
  • Senior carpet inspector.

The work the cleaners do

  • Cleaning Air Duct – Usually denotes to the cleaning of numerous heating and cooling system workings of air systems, including the out and return air ducts;
  • Hardwood cleaning – This is a complex multi-step process. It requires lots of care and attention.   The companies referred to you will be experienced with hardwood flooring cleaning to make work that is quality for business or home;
  • Carpet cleaning – Vacuuming is helpful but maintaining a home that is healthy needs professional carpet cleaned on a steady basis;
  • Tile cleaning – Residential grout and tile cleaning is a dirty job, but our cleaning companies easily get the tough jobs done correctly;
  • Water damage renewal – water is the sole long-term substance that is damaging in the environment indoors. Flooding or excess moisture can cause personal property and structure damage, so it needs to be taken care of.

Types of carpet cleaning

Hot water removal

Hot water removal is a cleaning procedure where hot water plus cleaning solution is sprayed over the carpet and removed promptly along with soils by a system for vacuuming.

Low moisture cleaning

Low moisture is created for alternating cleaning that drys in an hour or so.  It is planned for routine maintenance in between restoration cleanings.

Dry Removal Carpet Cleaning

Dry removal cleaning is a method that works by using nominal amounts of solution for cleaning, followed by soil removal that is high and lets you have use of the carpet instantly afterward.

Top Cleaners best

Any company that is referred by Top Cleaners must have:


Each of these support cleaning contractors has years of experience as well as cutting-edge equipment to make sure that the best cleaning services are provided.

Industry experts

They only refer to cleaning professionals have become experts in the industry.

Fast & effective services

Each company must have a commitment to customer service as well as customer satisfaction.  They have earned many franchise awards and certifications.

Community involvement

Associated with the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, and Midland Chamber of Commerce.

What is done to ensure top quality

Re-inspection –

Your carpet’s needs will be evaluated, and every carpet is treated differently. It will be decided after inspection what the best method best for your carpet.

Move furniture –

When needed, they will move then replace small furniture in its original position.

Cleaning –

Using Rotovac® equipment there will be fast and deep cleaning of the carpet.

Post- inspection –

When the project is finished, it will be re-inspected with you there to make certain that the work was done to your satisfaction.

Protect and Groom –

When needed foil or blocks will be placed under the legs of furniture to protect them during drying and grooming the carpet for a clean as well as an inviting look.

The Top Cleaner can refer you to the leading Saginaw carpet cleaning company or Bay city carpet cleaning company with years of experience. Any company they refer you too will have years of experience.

What never should be done

All these companies will know that there are just some things that should not be done for cleaning a carpet.  Vinegar is suggested regularly as a special treat for cleaning floor covering.  The Journal of Environmental Health tried vinegar alongside other ordinary cleaning items and advised that it should never be used.

Other tips

Other websites might suggest that if your carpet is new, it does not require cleaning.  Regardless of whether your carpet looks clean or is only a year old, it still needs cleaning.  There are many substances that should never be used such as smelling salts, that can be harmful to remove a stain from your carpet.  Dabbing a stain can make it less demanding to evacuate. But if you do this, use seltzer water or club soda rather than standard water.

Dish soap

If you have heard that dish soap can be used to clean carpet, don’t try it.  There is also the myth that hairspray products could be used in carpet cleaning.  Let’s just say that it is best for an expert to clean your carpet as home cures and tips could possibly be harmful to your carpet or cause a stain to set into your carpet.

Data that is wrong

There are tons of data about carpet cleaning that is just not true.  Most of the tips that you will read about or hear about will frequently just damage your carpet or make it harder to get any stains out of the carpet.

Increasing the value

Keeping your carpet and other floor areas clean will help them last a long time.  It is advised you should use an industry specialist to find the best company for your carpet cleaning needs.  These are the people who can help with a stain or will regularly be available to clean your carpet, wood floor, tiles and any other material that is being used to cover your floors.   This is less expensive than having to replace your carpet or any other flooring.  Also, when you take good care of carpets and flooring, you are increasing the value of your home.  There are many homes that are hard to sell because their carpet and flooring looks old or needs replacing.  Taking the best care of your carpet or flooring will save you money in the long run.

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