How To Choose The Best Plumber Out Of The Many?


A bad plumber can actually cause more problems than fixing the existing one. Sure, they’ll cut the water and try to change the broken pipe, but just a small wrong move with the tools can cause even greater damage that often costs thousands of dollars. That’s why you need a real professional.

There are thousands of plumbing companies out there, but only a few of them worth gold when you face those tough leakage times. When some broken pipe floods your apartment you have no time to look through the internet and find a good plumber, but you call the first one on the list. This is actually the biggest mistake you can make in these troubled times.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the best one out there. They all look pretty much the same and if you browse the internet you’ll see that they all offer the same services for a similar price, but not all of them tell you the little things, like the insurance. Follow up, and see what we mean!


Time spent in the business is highly important. The newbies might be full of energy and charge less than the older guys, but their experience in some situations can cost you much more.

Plumbing is a serious thing, and unless you just change a faucet’s head with a new one, all other activities around the pipes require a serious approach and a lot of knowledge. That’s why it’s always better to hire an experienced plumber that spent a lot of time fixing than a more affordable inexperienced person. Read here.

Online rating and reviews

This is maybe the most important. In the world of technology and the internet, everyone’s online sharing their thoughts. There are lots of websites dedicated to customers. Online communities sharing their experience with companies and workers is very important for both the companies and their clients.

A bad review can close someone’s business and that’s why everyone is trying to be more helpful and completely professional these days. Finding out that the plumber you chose having bad reviews is a clear sign that you have made a mistake. That’s why it’s wise to look for online reviews before hiring someone.


We mentioned this, so we’re bringing it as a first thing on the list. Insurance is very important in the plumbing business. Professional plumbers should all have insurance in case of an accident or some additional damage that was not expected.

The insurance protects both you and the plumber. If something unexpected happens, the insurance will cover the damage. If they’re not insured, and the worker is in your apartment, guess who might be responsible for it? Yes, you!


The cost of the repairs is important for anyone, of course. The important part here is that not always the most affordable ones are the ones you should hire. Good quality comes with a price in every segment of life. Plumbing is nothing different.

Sure, there are some that appreciate themselves too much and charge enormous amounts of money. They are not good for you either. Find something in between. A good and experienced plumber, that is still pretty much affordable. Here’s some tips:


Everyone panics when they see a huge water stain on the ceiling. You’re thinking about the help right away and you wish the plumber can come like Supermen, fly over the sky to help you. The reality is that if the first number in the phone book is from a company on the other part of the state, you’ll wait for a very long time.

Look for a plumber that is close to you. When they fix the problem or install something new, they’ll give you a warranty, so if something happens and you have more plumbing needs additionally, you want them to be close to you.


As we said, they’ll give you a warranty. If they don’t ask for one. If they don’t have one for their services and products, look for another plumbing company. Imagine if something gets broken – you’ll have to pay for new parts and still pay to the new plumber for their service. That’s why the warranty is extremely important.

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