How to decorate your walls with posters


We all love art, and we are puzzled by how we can bring it to our home. Sometimes space may not create favorable conditions to decorate our walls with frames and other works of art. The traditional way of hanging artwork, in fact, requires large surfaces … to be covered. Or you may just be bored with the dominant decorative norms and look for a fresher approach to fit your frames on the wall. Whatever your concern, here are 5 fresh ways to proudly showcase your frames.

Perhaps the Beatles are still your favorite band, but now that the house is all yours, not just a room, you can decorate it in your own style, entirely with Poster – Poster! We’ve found 10 different ways for you to decorate your home with Poster and live right now.

1. Consider about the space. Decide if you need one or two big posters or a combination of smaller ones. Think about the color of the walls and furniture.

2. Decide what you want the final result to be. Posters can add color to the room as well as be thematically arranged according to the room. Be creative! Horizontal landscapes can create a feeling of larger space in bedrooms with small windows. Poster and food posters are suitable for the kitchen, while for the living room you can choose movie posters. Combine posters with other home objects.

3. Frame the posters you chose to complete. Be sure to select similar frames if you want to place multiple posters on a wall. Remember that the frame is 50{21c180f030f8f4fb31cf0649a5d9a7f7434b844475747f6f1a17e4959fd7ac51} of the image.

4. Most frames have hooks and are light enough to be placed on a nail. However, if the frame is large and heavy, you will need two studs (you can also use screws).

To place multiple posters in a straight line, it is good to use a level to find the exact position of the nails/screws. Posters of various sizes can also be organized as “chess”. Create a multi-poster group for a more sophisticated result.

5. Place your posters on the wall, in trouser hangers for a put-together look.

6. Change your posters often! The best place to decorate posters is that you can change them anytime you want, thanks to their very economical prices. This way, you can change your space completely whenever you want. For example, with every season change, you can change your posters and some accessories in your home, tapping into the spirit of the time!

You can keep your old posters wrapped in their original packaging or store them somewhere stretched until you use them again!

7. Use a poster as a support book for double-use decoration.

Film or music posters, abstract designs, or smart phrases that will make your mood available at all times of the day are some of the choices that can decorate the kitchen, bedroom, living room, entrance, and bathroom of the house.

Choose large posters that will make the decorations of the space or prefer a lot of small posters to place in colorful boxes and decorate the walls in the most special way.

Whatever you decide to put on your wall, be sure that it is going to be something that you love to see every day. After all, it is pretty easy to take the poster off and add something newer and fancier. Thatā€™s why everyone loves posters and is looking to buy poster prints online, for a better result.Ā  Just be provocative and start to dream of the house you were always wanting. And it is going to be yours after all.

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