The Different Applications of Pressure Washers


A large backyard is perfect for entertaining your friends. You can just fire up the grill and have some friends over for a good time or build a deck or a gazebo. The problem comes in when cleaning up after these activities. Without the right equipment, it can be very difficult to remove the stains left over from all the activities on the yard. If no amount of scrubbing and detergent is working, you may want to consider getting a pressure washer.

Not only is it fast, but a pressure washer pump has enough power to effectively get rid of stubborn stains with minimal effort. The following are just some pressure washer applications:

1. Washing Your Grill

Most people love using their grill, but hate cleaning it just as much. Grease stains and fat that has burned deep into the metal can be very difficult to remove. A pressure washer can be very effective in helping you keep a grill clean. But there are several things you need to do before you turn on the pressure washer and blast off on the grill. To begin with, disconnect the grill from either propane, electricity or natural gas line.

Begin the cleaning process with a 45-degree nozzle to help loosen the grease, fat, and grime. Add a degreaser and give it 5 minutes to work before using 15-degree spray to remove the difficult stains.

2. Washing Your Car

A pressure washer is also the perfect way to wash your car. It is however important that you begin washing your car with just water. This will remove the loose dirt, mud, and silt from the car. You can then apply detergent either manually or using the soap tip, before using low pressure to wash down the detergent. Don’t forget to wash the underside of the car as well.

3. Washing Wooden Surfaces

A pressure washer is also essentially useful when cleaning wooden surfaces like decks, wooden fences, gazebos, wooden outdoor furniture, and even house siding. For these surfaces, it is best to use a low-pressure nozzle tip as opposed to a high-pressure nozzle tip that can be strong enough to strip varnish off the wood. High-pressure jets can also cause water droplets to embed themselves in the wood, causing it to bend and rot.

4. Washing Metal

The pressure washer is just as effective at cleaning metal surfaces as it is at cleaning wooden surfaces. You can use it to clean your fencing, gutters, drains, metal roofs and even alloy wheels. A high-pressure nozzle works best for metallic surfaces although you may want to make sure you are not too close to the surface as the water jets can scratch the surface.

5. Washing Concrete and Brick

The concrete and brick areas of your driveways and garage can sometimes be the most difficult to clean, with a pressure washer, the process can be very simple. A high-pressure nozzle can help you remove some of the more stubborn oil and grease stains, just remember to add detergent.

All these applications make a pressure washer a must-have for many. It can also be very handy for other applications like cleaning your swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Pressure washers are ideal for so many applications primarily because they make it very easy to get rid of stubborn stains.

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