How to Keep the Tankless Water Heater in the Best Operational Condition?


A tankless water heater offers you a continuous stream of hot water, a long operational lifespan, and incomparable energy efficiency. To keep reaping these benefits, it is important to maintain them in proper condition.

The article tells you effective maintenance tips to keep it in smooth running condition.

About A Tankless Heater

The tankless water heater comes in gas and electric form. Regardless of the type, it offers immense benefits to your household. Tankless heaters are light-in-weight and highly efficient. They involve fewer risks and lasts for a longer time. Another important advantage of a tankless unit is that it offers a warranty and longevity to a user.

Pillar Plumbing is one of the leading firms that specialize in residential plumbing projects. A majority of tankless water heaters come with a parts warranty of ten to fifteen years and a labor warranty of five or ten years.

Why Do You Need A Tankless Water Heater?

Energy efficiency is one of the important benefits of a tankless water heater. A tank-style water heater offers less efficiency than a tankless water heater as it keeps heating water even when not using it. Due to this reason, where a tank water heater offers 70{6005fe00238ed0ec29dcf4f9ca8b03a9042cdf9ccd9cfcf46fbf772e3d1d5bdd} efficiency, a tankless water heater offers 96{6005fe00238ed0ec29dcf4f9ca8b03a9042cdf9ccd9cfcf46fbf772e3d1d5bdd} efficiency.

Ways to Maintain a Tankless Water Heater

  • Install It Right

A poor installation of the unit leads to inferior performance and reduced lifespan of the unit. For the best operation and extended use, it is required to install the heater correctly. It is advised to take the assistance of a professional and licensed plumbing service.

  • Ensure That Your Home Gets Adequate Level Of Power

It has been seen that old homes generally don’t have adequate power for an electric tankless water heater to operate. It may be required to get the wiring done by hiring an electrician.

  • Perform Periodic Maintenance And Inspections

For the water heater to run at the best efficiency, you should perform regular inspections and maintenance using a reputed service. This is especially important when you live in areas that have high levels of hard water

Maintain the Minimum Flow Rate

A tankless water heater should have a minimum water flow rate for detecting water demand before getting activated. Check the device specs to determine the minimum required flow rate.


Referring to the owner’s manual and implementing the above tips will help you keep getting an endless stream of hot water. The assistance of a professional plumbing service will help you reduce any probable risks while its operation.

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