How to Lower Your Electrical Bill


The cost for basic survival is increasing every day. Rent is getting higher and food is getting more and more expensive and the bills aren’t helping us either. So, the smartest thing we can do is find clever ways to reduce that spending.

No, we won’t be speaking of washing your clothes with cold water instead of hot. These kinds of tricks are a hassle and, in the end, don’t save you as much as you would like.

Instead, we will speak about efficient ways to cut down spending. From window replacement to a new electrical kettle, here are 4 efficient tricks you will find useful in reducing electrical bills:

1. Upgrade your Windows and Doors

When our windows and doors reach their age limits, they deteriorate. Cold breezes enter in winter, hot in summer; we turn the HVAC and furnaces more often, but that breeze just won’t disappear. This is because windows and doors have a great role in our energy spending.

To protect your home and lower electrical bills, go for windows and doors replacement. New and technologically advanced windows and doors protect our home far better than old and rusty ones.

2. Improve Insulation

Another way to reduce the amount on your bills is to improve insulation. This means insulating everything including attic, basement, pipes, walls, windows, and doors. If you cannot afford full insulation, think smart. Heat travels upwards, so the attic is the most vulnerable place.

Attic insulation can severely cut down your costs. By keeping heat inside, you protect your home and reduce the need to constantly turn on the heater or the HVAC. Trap the air inside before it exits your home, simply by insulating some main access points.

3. Smart Thermostat

The newest trend on the market is the smart thermostat. It offers many benefits and can save you a bunch of cash. What these thermostats do is find the cheapest way to heat up/cool your house. They use less energy to do so and follow your routines along the way.

So besides making the ideal atmosphere for you, they will also be very effective in their working. Smart thermostats even show homeowners how much energy have you spent throughout the day/month. Some homeowners have reported cutting of electricity just by using these smart thermostats.

4. Energy Star Appliances

Another useful trick for reducing energy costs is changing your electrical appliances. We use electricity through the most unexpected appliances. Fridges, kettles, dishwashers, water heaters, dryers, and ovens. All of them suck on electricity and influence our spending.

That’s why many people recommend switching to LED bulbs instead of candescent. But besides LED’s, we can also switch all of these appliances to ones with Energy Star ratings. For each appliance, there is an Energy Star rated version out there.

Green Mountain Energy reviews can help you figure out which household appliances use the most energy and how to replace them.

This means that the appliance, whether a fridge or a kettle will use much less electrical power to get the same job done. With upgrading more and more appliances, you end up significantly improving your spending, cutting down costs to unimaginable rates.

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